Electromagnetic fields (commonly referred to as EMFs) are all around us no matter where we live. They emanate from power lines, televisions, electrical wiring, microwaves, and other electronic devices. Additionally, we are exposed to information-carrying radio waves through cell phones, cell phone towers, TVs, and wireless Internet connections. What effects might these invisible electromagnetic waves have upon our tangible health?

When I heard that some people had been diagnosed with cancer caused by cell phones, I thought it was a bunch of poppycock. However, now that I am treating people with all types of allergies and sensitivities on a daily basis, I realize some folks really are sensitive to the unseen waves emitted by electronic devices. Disease can result when the body's electromagnetic field has been disturbed. We've known for quite a while that x-rays have a negative effect on individuals and those who work around these x-ray machines wear protective clothing to avoid radiation.

Electro-magnetic fields have been officially recognized as a legitimate health hazard and are not a psychological issue. Government agencies have long debated the damage humans can receive from EMF exposure, but Sweden acknowledged this problem some years ago. Sweden is leading the pack in acknowledging and dealing with this issue, mainly due to the progress made by The Swedish Association For The Electrosensitive. The association produces and distributes educational literature that has helped raise awareness about the electromagnetic phenomenon around the world. Similar work is being done in Great Britain, as well as the Electromagnetic Radiation Alliance in Australia.

Do you spend hours in front of a computer? And at the end of the day, you just don't feel right? Then you may be reacting to EMFs! Symptoms can also include dizziness and irregular heartbeat or heart palpitations, headaches, itchy skin. Do you often feel - out of sorts? Are you forgetful? Do you find it difficult to concentrate? Do you have a ‘smart meter’ outside your house? If so, you may be electro-magnetic sensitive.

On top of the electro-sensitivity problem, there is evidence that EMFs may cause cancer, fibromyalgia, and miscarriages. http://electromagnetichealth.org/ is a group that represents citizens who are concerned about the proliferation of wireless technologies and their impact on health. Their website lists numerous illnesses linked to electromagnetic radiation exposure, which include:

o Many types of cancer 

o Neurological conditions

o Sleep disorders

o Cognitive problems 

o Hormone disruption and fertility impairment

o Immune system disorders 

o Metabolism changes 

o Feeling anxious even when you are not stressed 

o Dizziness

EMFs Affect Children!

To see for yourself the affect EMFs have on children - see this video:

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself and Your Family?

First, you need to understand that over time your nutrition and your daily lifestyle can either make you healthy or sick. Maintaining a proper diet filled with vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains, and sparingly eating lean meats, and avoiding toxins such as sugar and alcohol will put your body in better condition to resist disease. Regular exercise helps to detoxify the body and eliminate free radicals.

Second, educate yourself on this topic. For parents, I recommend reading books by Doris Rapp, MD. For the scientifically minded, I recommend Dr. Robert Becker's book, Cross Currents, The Perils Of Electro-Pollution. Find more information on the Internet and at the National Institute of Environmental Sciences.

Third, spend less time watching TV or move back farther from the screen. Turn off TVs, computers, and other electronic devices when they are not in use. Limit cell phone time and avoid microwave use.

Fourth, as a holistic chiropractic doctor, I can determine whether you are electro-magnetically sensitive. If you react to electro-magnetic fields, your body can be naturally reprogrammed in a few sessions to be non-reactive to the hazardous effects of EMFs and help you prevent disease caused by the negative side of advanced technology.

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