What are emergency payday loans?

Emergency payday loans are what the name implies. They are short-term loans that should only be taken out in emergency situations. They are not financial tools for everyday expenses except in emergencies.

Most people should consider other lending options first, asking family and friends, or even selling off unused items for cash.

Benefits of emergency same day payday loans

There are many articles that say you should never consider a payday loan. But there are circumstances that could actually benefit someone. For example, if your electrical service is about to get shut off, the cost of an emergency payday loan , although high, will be far less than the fees, penalties, restart fees, new deposits, etc., that will be required to get service after shutoff. Some utilities charge up to $1,000 in fees and deposits to restart your electric service.

Similarly, if you have 4-5 checks you wrote, but they are going to bounce, the $35 per check NSF fee will add up to double or more any fee you pay for a payday loan.

The key is making sure you can pay back your loan on time and not suffer additional fees.

When should you use emergency same-day payday loans?

Emergency same-day payday loans are just for that…emergencies. If your car broke down and you will miss working, the cost of lost income will be far greater than the cost of a payday loan. Medical bills and other urgent and unexpected expenses may also be due. If you have open credit on a credit card, you should use that first. But, when all else fails, you can likely get a payday loan to cover the emergency costs you have.

How to get an emergency payday loan?

The process is simple, go to an online payday loan service, like CashOne.com, and complete a short loan request form and submit it. You get an answer in about 90 seconds or less (usually far less) and, if approved, are connected to your lender immediately. You will go over your terms and conditions directly with your lender. You are not obligated to accept a loan offer if you are not comfortable with the terms of the loan.

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