When you think of a holiday, you think of the exotic images of the places you are going to visit, the foods you may try, and the new words you may pick up from the local language. The last thing on your mind is an emergency that you may face. No one wants to ruin their happiness on a vacation on a foreign land, but you cannot ignore the fact that a crisis always comes uninvited. Let us see the kind of situations you may see and how you can be prepared for it.

Losing the passport

Bag snatching is the most common crime that the felons often get away with, even in the safest countries of the world. If you carry your passport everywhere, you may become a victim of a very tough situation if your bag gets stolen. Yes, you cannot trust the locker of your hotel room, but you can always leave the copies of your passport and other important documents in the luggage. You must also carry a few passport sized photos with you, and leave the copies of your documents with a friend or family member. You must always contact the embassy of your country whenever you lose your passport.

A medical emergency

You or someone traveling with you may sustain an injury or be caught in a serious health condition. In that case, you need to be aware of the kind of insurance you have and the situations it covers. Before leaving home, you must carry your insurance provider’s information in your phone or on a piece of paper. You must read your insurance document carefully before signing on it. You may also consider buying travel insurance for yourself and the luggage as well.

A natural disaster or political unrest

In case there is flood, thunderstorm, earthquake, or any natural disaster of that sorts, the first thing you must do is to reunite with your travel companions and call home to tell your family about your safety. The cell phones may not work at such times, so it is better to use social media to contact your kinfolks if you find internet. And if you have trouble returning home, you must contact the embassy officials. The best thing to avoid such disasters is to read the weather forecast or at least a week before you go anywhere.

A car rental accident

If you meet an accident in the self-drive cars in Rishikesh, you must react just like you would do in case of a car accident of your own car. Get medical assistance at first, take the help of people around you, click the pictures of the accident spot, click pictures of the car rental in detail, and report the accident to the local police and the car rental company. The company may take care of the insurance needs and also provide assistance to you.

No one wants to land in an emergency situation, but it becomes inevitable at times because of the situations that are not in your control. The best tip in such case is to stay calm and react positively.

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