Change is often very difficult for people to accept and yet it’s happening every minute. The only thing certain is change. When you find that things are not as you want them to be in your life, it’s time to get comfortable with change.

The Comfort Zone
Change means many things to people. It means stepping beyond the comfort zone and into the unknown. The comfort zone is that place where you are accustomed – it may or may not actually be comfortable; you can be miserable but avoid change because at least you know what to expect within the confines of where you are now.

In order to transform, you need to be willing to take a chance to learn something new. You need to be open to possibilities other than what you are accustomed and know that you will grow and become stronger in the process. This new learning experience will expand your comfort zone offering you increased personal freedom.

What does change mean to you? How do you cope when placed in a situation where something needs to change – and that something is you? Change isn’t bad. In fact, usually, the change results in better things. Often the fear of change is really the fear of not knowing what’s around the other side of the change.

If change connotes fear for you, start noticing how the fear impacts you. Recognizing the fear – where it comes from and what it feels like – is an important part of moving forward. Embrace the feeling; don’t ignore it. But as you embrace it, ask yourself how the fear serves you? What is it you’re really afraid of?

Change means responsibility. Change starts with accepting responsibility for where you are right now, knowing that you have the ability to take your life from where it is and create what you really want. Responsibility starts with an increased awareness of the way things are and the way you are. Not the way you think things are but the way they really are. Two things are required for initiating change: openness and willingness – an openness to a deeper understanding of what is possible and a willingness to let go of the way it is and what has come before. In order to transform, you must focus on the vision you hold for the future instead of how it has been in the past or even where it is today. It means getting clear about what you want and the vision you see for yourself, then making a commitment to make it happen.

Change also means excitement, challenge, and opportunity. Being open for possibilities opens the door to creating a life beyond what you can think of today. It means that there are no limits to how wonderful life can become if you are open to receive that which the world has to offer. Keep the focus on what you want your life to look like and stop putting up with people or things that get in the way of your dream. Identify the source of those obstacles and eliminate them. Remember, you are responsible for your life and it’s course. Stop getting in your own way! Right now, this minute, you have the power to change your life. Make the commitment to no longer accept mediocrity and you have taken the first step.

Moving Forward
Initiating change can be done in small increments – a small shift in thinking, attitude, and/or actions can create dramatic results in helping you change the course of your life. Believe that you can create a better life and visualize yourself there. What will it feel like on your new path? What you think about most of the time, you bring about. You can choose what you think about. Don’t focus on what has to change, rather think about what it is you want – that vision you have for your future – and you will naturally move in that direction. Immerse yourself in thinking about your new vision. Create a picture, collage, or write about your vision and post it where you can see it regularly.

Some changes are inevitable, like the changing of the seasons and the passing of time. You have a choice over how you experience these events. You can perceive them as a rich part of the wonders of life or as an unfortunate interruption of your routine. People who have difficulty accepting the passing of the years are often the ones who are not fully living. It is from this lack that they fear the loss of time. And yet, they have the power to choose a different experience.

Getting Ready
What needs to happen for you to be ready to change course in life? What lessons are presenting themselves to you right now that you must learn in order to move forward? What needs to happen for you to accept responsibility for creating and embarking on a new path? Be honest about where you are and where you want to be. Years have a way of slipping by. If you are not ready now, then identify what you need to learn in order to move forward. Wake up! Your life is waiting.

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Julie Fuimano, MBA, BSN, RN, CSAC is dedicated to helping you break through the barriers to your happiness and success. She is a masterful coach, a motivational speaker and world-renowned writer and author. For additional resources and to sign up for her inspiring e-newsletter, visit or email