Acknowledging you are a divine being with divine powers, is the first step to discovering your divine beauty. You must take in all of your positive attributes and work towards perfecting them every day. Recognize your gifts and talents. This is not the time of self-doubt or self-pity. When you're stepping into your divine self, you only see the excellence in yourself. All of the beautiful things that makes you unique are the very things you should amplify. Working on the beauty within will reflect on the beauty outside.

Your skin should be nourished with natural skin care products whose ingredients come from Nature and designed to heal your spirit. Try to buy products like these from spiritual workers like myself. We always add a little something something to maintain youth and beauty. As this becomes your daily ritual your skin will develop a healthy glow, and your divine energy will enhance.

You will see true beauty for what it is which is the authentic you. Of course, eating like royalty doesn't hurt. Would a queen eat McDonald's or Popeye's? It's funny but all of these things affect your skin and the health of your body inside and out. Take a walk in nature and listen to the messages of your spirit guides. Connect with nature while meditating or doing yoga. This will help you physically as well as spiritually.

We must value ourselves as the queens we are and redefine the perception of beauty. We've loss respect for ourselves and have allowed women who have no knowledge of their divine powers speak for us and represent us. They use their sexual energy to get what they want, but their lacking everywhere else. We must be balanced in order to show true power. You must mentally have the knowledge to access any situation, be physically ready to take action, and practice spiritually so the ancestors can assist and guide you from the other side.

Combining all of these things makes you elegant and untouchable. You will no longer hide who you truly are through heavy make-up and hair extensions. You are now free to express yourself with no apologies. How many authentic women do you see on television? Beauty standards can be changed, the way a man perceives a woman can be changed, but it begins with you being comfortable in your own skin. Every day you are perfecting your gifts and working in your power. Other woman will begin to see the power you possess not only on men, but the environment around you.

Author's Bio: 

I am a spiritual intercessor who communicates with spirit guides. I provide messages sent to me by the ancestors and angels who watch over you in your everyday life. They have a divine message for you and I am here to make sure you receive that message and live in the Spirit.