The value and benefit of emotional detachment must not be understated.

We all need to feel valued, important, a sense of recognition... THIS IS ME!

'Me' is important, however allowing the emotional 'Me' to determine your sense of wellness and positive self-image in place of just being, just knowing, just accepting who you are may habitually become a boil on your psyche that may need to be lanced.

Consider what I am trying to say by looking at how the website Facebook controls how some of us behave.

Some use this site to engage with the outside world - friends, family, activities, personal interests. Others will use it to find love, that special someone to make their life experience one which they have long sought. Some will use it for the social games that tie them to the page 24/7 365!

Others will also use the page for a sense of importance... the more friends they have, the perception of popularity is increased, and therefore the sense of 'I am important' is emotionally gratified.

Reflect on this... like a smart phone, would you feel lost without a Facebook in your life? FACEBOOK = What in your life?

There is something deep inside all of us that yearns for a sense of meaning, it drives us on through life; many of us aren't aware that we subliminally and often unconsciously choose to look outward for that vital meaning - looking on Facebook may offer answers, but I suggest to you, that it will not ultimately be the right answer.

We often read or hear the expression of 'just let go!', wise words.

Not doing so will chain you to the emotions and whims of others, chain you to expectation, chain you to your past, chain you to those rotten habits that in turn chain you permanently in a place that you have privately long grown tired of.

Emotional detachment. Think about it; it may reveal something of immense value to you that on reflection, was your missing 'life jigsaw'.


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My passion is to highlight and then nurture the hidden talents and strengths within others; to teach lessons of self-reflection and self-growth using my core life experiences, proven success principles techniques, relaying inspiration, training and drive to succeed.

In 2001 I authored the in demand ‘health-check’ publication Little Book of Self Empowerment, published by Janus Publishing – in the publisher's words.. what has been described as "beautifully formed droplets of wisdom" covering a comprehensive range of subjects from Depression to Family, to Pain and Anxiety.

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