There are numerous reasons why we enjoy using Vintage Rugs in New York. Their subtly distressed appearance gives a lot of personality. Their patterns, which are based on centuries-old traditional motifs, have a lonely feeling of history and beauty to them.

They can go in virtually any style of space, giving texture to a boho-leaning room or offering a contrast to a modern look, even though they feel more on the classic side of things. Let's find out how to decorate with old rugs and why we adore them so much!

1. Vintage Rugs for All Rooms : These lovely and traditional rugs, in our opinion, are ideal for pretty much any area in your house. We really like them in bathrooms and kitchens, where a vintage-inspired design will warm up and contrast nicely with modern, utilitarian fixtures.

2. Sophisticated Kid's Room : Vintage rug, among toys and kid-sized furnishings, offers a feeling of refinement to your child's room, making it feel more grown-up and synced with the rest of the house. And, as these styles are more mature, you won't have to buy a new rug to accommodate your child's taste, as they get older!

3. Vintage Rugs Can be Both Soft and Subtle : Another thing we adore about vintage-inspired rugs is their versatility. That they are available in a kaleidoscope of colors and shades! We adore a vintage rug in washed grey or soft ivory for a lighter take on the style.

4. Always in Style : Vintage rugs in NY or Vintage rugs in New York never go out of fashion because they are based on historic designs that are hundreds of years old. You can roll out a vintage rug in NY in your home and rest assured that it will remain fashionable for as long as you own it!

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You can simply roll up the one-piece design and toss it in the washer whenever you spill or find dirt caked on your rug. Roll it back out after hanging it to dry or putting it in the dryer on a low heat setting, as it's as good as new!