Some parents and families are more open about their bodies and emotions than others. However, regardless of how willing your parents or older siblings were to answer your questions, it still takes a mountain of courage to open up when we think our problems are innately embarrassing. We are here to answer some of the potentially embarrassing questions women need to know but might be afraid to ask. Since if you are looking for the answer, it is likely that thousands of other women are also seeking validation for their concerns.

Is a vagina supposed to smell?
All vaginas have their own particular fragrance. While commercials for feminine hygiene products might make you feel self-conscious that your nether regions don’t smell of lilies and lilacs, we assure you that it is normal for a vagina to give off a slight smell. However, if the scent suddenly changes, is especially pungent, or becomes particularly foul or yeasty, then consult your family doctor or gynecologist, since it can be a sign of an infection.

Is it normal to have vaginal itching during my period?
In short, yes, this is a normal occurrence. A period is when the uterus sheds its lining, and your estrogen levels drop. This can lead to dryness and a change in acidity, which can result in an increase in yeast and bacteria. We suggest waiting until after your period is finished, and if it is still itchy, you can order over-the-counter medications online. Anti-Itch feminine wipes are easy to use, affordable, and can be ordered discreetly online as well.

Should I be on birth control?
For many women, this question is simple and straightforward. However, there are still millions of unplanned pregnancies that happen the world over every year. Indeed, access to contraception can be an issue, but women often do not feel comfortable opening up about their sexual health. Health care providers are trained to answer your questions about birth control openly and honestly and without judgment.

Why does it hurt to have sex?
Although sex is a natural, enjoyable part of life, there are times when it can be uncomfortable. For some women, sex can be painful more often than not. Ideally, you want to have an open conversation with your partner about this issue. You can work together at slowing things down, using lubricant, and varying your sexual routine. If the pain is still significant, then there may be a physical or psychological issue which a doctor would be able to assist with isolating.

Why do I pee when I sneeze?
Urinary incontinence is common for many women after giving birth or as they age. However, younger women can also have peeing issues when they sneeze, cough, laugh, or bounce on a trampoline, amongst other activities. Start with doing exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor, like Kegels. If a burning sensation or pain accompanies the incontinence, then it is best to speak to your doctor, as there may be an infection.

When it comes to our bodies and sexual health, conversations can become embarrassing and awkward. However, always remember your doctor is available to work with you to ensure a lifetime of physical and mental health.

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Lora Y