This technology may appear to some as magic, but it's the special recipe behind most sales strategies.

We use email finding tools here at Growth Marketing Pro all the time to get in contact with the people we need to reach in order to develop our business. Here is our list of some of the most advanced email finder tools.


Clearbit is an email discovery tool that integrates seamlessly with Gmail and many other applications, enabling users to locate email addresses for almost every company that only has the name of the employee and the company domain. You may also search directly from the compose email screen for an email address. There's a web browsing app for those not using Gmail, too.

According to Clearbit, it is "a market intelligence tool that enriches sign-ups, recognizes opportunities, and obtains customer insights." The app can scan the web, ingest millions of data points in real time, and get actionable information from many sources, including social media, web sites, databases, SSL certificates, and more.

The business provides four products: Disclosure, Prospector, Risk and Enrichment. Each has something special to offer. Enrichment for instance turns email addresses into full profiles. Clearbit Connect is the inbox extension of the app that lets you scan your email composer for email addresses directly.

Clearbit is maybe the best online resource for people who want to locate email addresses without having to leave their inboxes and avoid hours of hard labor trying to follow email addresses.

In general, Clearbit works very smoothly to enrich the email contact information. The tool also features a smooth interface, is easy to implement and use and is simple and helpful to support. Loading or upgrading profile data will take sometimes a while, but it isn't too much of a hindrance.

Email Hunter

As with other email finding methods, Hunter offers both email finders and email verification services, as well as results-based trust ranking. The tool makes email addresses linked to a client web site simple to find. It also allows you to scan for domains based on technology-like criteria and enables users to execute bulk searches and combine results with CRM software.

However, Hunter does not conduct a mail server check inside the finder, so the trust score can be a little misleading at times. Fortunately, the application is very user friendly and allows you to check for an email address either via the Chrome extension or on the website of Hunter. You can also monitor the emails you have sent and can search via technology for new prospects.

Calling itself "The Yellow Pages of Email," lets users quickly find the work / professional email addresses of just about everyone by typing in the name and the website of their organization. The tool also includes a trust score and sources in which the data were derived from the document. The results of the search are ranked by your score of confidence.
The email locating tool offers both an email finder and email verifier, and includes a Chrome extension. Also, lets you find email prospects via social media sites and integrates Zapier with over 500 applications. You can find emails either individually or in bulk, with a success rate of over 90%. is a good tool for finding emails, particularly given that it provides the results of a confidence score, gives a better understanding of accuracy, and deducts credits only when an email is actually found. The Chrome extension could use some UX enhancements, but with the stability of the email finder, it's easy to forget that.

One of Findthat.mail's main strengths is its customer service. The consensus of user feedback seems to be that customer service is good, very responsive and the support team is doing all they can to benefit customers.

Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder is a software for email checking and email address finder that is either used as a web-based application or combined with other web tools. The email finding tool allows users to locate emails using the name and domain of a individual, scan millions of pages and conduct direct server validation before supplying the email address with 87 per cent accuracy.

The app lets you find email addresses in bulk as well as on an individual basis. Just add the name of the prospect and the website of the company and Anymail Finder will guess their email and allow you to copy it in a single click.

Users can upload a CSV file with names and companies to the application, and then return the file with the appropriate email addresses included. Using their API, you can also find email addresses and Anymail Finder gives developers 500 free credits to check API implementations.

Anymail Finder is perfect for teams as the package can be shared with an infinite number of people at no extra charge. Like most email finding tools, all you need to do is enter the name of the person and their company to find an email address, and Anymail Finder has an accuracy of 97 per cent, one of the highest available.

The tool focuses on email exploration and does not provide many additional features but their consistency helps make up for this. Although users are also paid only for checked email address, there is no comprehensive result ranking. User reviews of Anymail Finder's ease of use are also mixed, but on the whole, users think it's a good option when they can't find emails alone.

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