“Release the negative in order to experience the positive.” Loren Fogelman

The good things are always worth repeating more than one time. Reminders are important as you make changes in how you view yourself and your business. When you begin to change your mindset, you are likely to catch yourself going back to old ways of thinking and acting. This will happen. The key is to realize what you are doing and then refocus. Choose to shift your focus from negative to positive.

If you are familiar with Abraham-Hicks you might have heard the terms going upstream versus going downstream. Many people do not like change. Change means stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something unfamiliar. When something is unknown or has perceived risk, there is resistance to change. Consider how long you might have stayed in a comfortable place, although you knew it was not in your best interest, because you weren’t ready to make a change yet.

Resistance is a heavy burden and it drains your energy. There is this feeling of being stuck. This is similar to the example give by Abraham-Hicks about having a raft and placing it in the river and deciding to go upstream. If you go against the tide, you will spend a lot of energy resisting the natural flow of the river. Going upstream is going against the current. That is tiring and exhausting. You expend a lot of energy. For the amount of effort you are exerting, you are making very little progress.

Think about your business and the desire to grow, what do your resist? What part is most uncomfortable for you? Even though you know you ought to be doing it and there will be a payoff, you choose not to do it anyway.

I felt that way about expanding our counseling agency. For many years, I remained in the comfort of my office and did not want anyone else working with me. A part of me knew there was more business in our office than I could manage myself. There were times when we would hire someone to help me in our satellite office.

I loved working in our satellite office away from the daily operations of our main office. I had my system and ways of doing things and it flowed smoothly. I knew no one could run that office as efficiently as I could. Can you relate to that at all? This is the sign of an entrepreneur.

We were growing and I was resistant to help. I wanted to be a lone ranger. Even though I said I wanted to make more money, I wanted to do it all by myself and I couldn’t. By going against the tide, my vibration and my energy was lowered. My resistance to working with another person, contributed to the bottom line.

On the other hand, if you turn your raft around and go downstream with the natural current of the river, your raft will flow on its own with very little effort. This change in perception allows you to go with the flow.

After working hard for so many years and not experiencing the growth I knew was possible, I began to shift my mindset. My ego was blocking my success because I was convinced for so many years that no one could do it like me. I became open to the fact that our satellite agency had the potential to grow if I would just “get out of the way.”

Instead of focusing on all the problems of having someone work with me, I began to focus on solutions. I “got out of my own way.” By embracing the mindset of collaboration, I was able to take the time to train others with my system.
The first action I took was to get all of my systems out of my head and onto paper. Writing down each step and placing my systems on paper helped me with training others to work “in my way.”

Consistently I focused on the benefit of having someone else there with me and maintaining the mindset of being solution-oriented. I was more forgiving when I became aware of errors. We would be able to review a system and see where the breakdown occurred. With this change in mindset, the satellite office has grown. My vibration rose with the change in mindset. The benefit is that I am working smarter and not harder.

Change is possible. Choose to go downstream and with the flow. Decide on your goal or what you want more of for yourself and your business. Focus on the solution and moving toward success. Feel your energy rise. Begin to experience the vibration of success and joy as you take these positive steps into your greatness.

Activity: Think about a change you know would be helpful for growing your business, but you have been resistant to making. Is there something you know would benefit your business, but have made many excuses to avoid taking action? This avoidance affects your vibration. How does this help you reach your goal of growing your business with confidence?
What would going with the flow look like for you? How would things change for you if you just “got out of the way?” Do you know your systems and have them written down? Having your systems on file helps to create a formula for success.

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