Finding balance, fulfillment, prosperity and joy in your daily life really is possible, in fact, it is your birthright and destiny. You have the ability to be, have and become whatever you choose; limited only by the boundaries you set around yourself.
Your beliefs about yourself and your world are ultimately responsible for determining your human potential. The good news is that you can learn to control how you feel about yourself. When you do, you can create a mindset ripe for success.
Focus your attention on what you are doing in this present moment – in every present moment. Be mindful, present and observant. We can only live in the now; the future has not arrived yet and the past has gone. In this moment you choose, and in this moment you choose and to make progressively better choices.
if you consider yourself a to be light worker, be courageous and actually live your love, walk your talk, love yourself and maintain your high level of behaving. When you speak and interact with others, see in the eyes of the other before you,
It is time to create the new reality of the future you desire. You must bear in mind that you are creating a new world for yourself; that kind of world depends on your thoughts and your belief that in fact manifest what you think about. You are becoming more receptive to inner change.
Life is about discovering WHO YOU ARE NOW so that you can transform yourself to WHO YOU WANT TO BE
Life experiences are created through thought and become actions and reality. Life is about beliefs and attitude and that is why life tends to give us what we expect.
Be grateful for all things. Gratitude places your focus on positive experience, and what you focus on (energize) you create and attract more.
Now you can take control by using your mind to create your reality and experiences


What comes out reflect the way you think. Fortunately, you can change the way your circumstances simply by changing the way you think. You can program your powerful subconscious mind to work 24/7 to help you reach your goals.
Learn to love and respect yourself because of this divine essence and indwelling.

Release thoughts and beliefs that keep you trapped where you are. Understand your life values and beliefs create your experiences. Learn the origin and purpose of emotions and feelings. Discover how to accept and love yourself and others. Develop authentic self-identity, self-appreciation and stress management strategies. There are many ways to boost your life and develop positive habits that boost your self-esteem, self-confidence. You may enroll in yoga class to try and feel comfortable and at ease with yourself and others no matter who you are with. Find the secret to achieving optimal mental, emotional and physical well-being. Learn different healing techniques including emotional, energetic and spiritual healing.

Control your being and you control all the rest of your life. Remember two statements of Einstein:

Problems cannot be solved in the level of thinking wherein originates the problem. It is insanity to keep thinking and doing as you are now and expect better results.

Your life emanates out of your Being, Who You Are. By learning to control your Being, you can control all the rest of your life. Fail to learn to control your Being and life will often be struggle and effort accompanied by emptiness and suffering.

A most positive Self-Image, the creation of oneself as wise, capable, effective, valuable, and loving person.
Impregnable Self-Esteem and Self Love, the core of all Happiness.
Positive emotions of joy, enthusiasm, and passion about life. Healthy self-assertiveness: the ability to stand up for one's self.
Serenity and tranquility under all circumstances
Create the material Prosperity and Abundance that you desire: all the money you need and more.
Create yourself as an excellent parent, as demonstrated by your results of intelligent, studious, cooperative, strong, and productive children.
Create the job or career that you love doing. Work you love is an essential ingredient to happiness.
Relationships of harmony, cooperation and support, free of problems and conflicts

All things are CREATIONS: somebody created them. Within your personal, interior world, that is somebody is always you. You are the sole creator of all you non-physical experiences, positives and negatives.


You have the power to create and attract whatever abundance you want into your life, sSo think expansively. Dream without setting limits

Strengthen your will through self-discipline and self-control, focus on what you desire and BE the magnificent creator you are.
To be the best, surround yourself with the best; interact with the best; think like the person you want to become, starting right now.
Your emotions and your love, and therefore your happiness and unhappiness, are determined by factors within you, over which you have total control once you understand the mechanism. That knowledge and control is the only way you will ever reach a state of permanent happiness. It is the only way you will ever reach a state of loving relationships with everybody all the time
Despite appearances, happiness and pain are NEVER the events themselves, but rather how you feel, the emotions that you experience, during and after the events of your life.
You can control your life by controlling the contents of your mind
Emotions are also realities. Your interior life, the condition of your thoughts and emotions. They represent the state of your mind and your emotions.
All human effort has as its ultimate goal personal happiness. According to Psycanic resources “The true Quest, the true challenge of life, is the Internal Quest to work on yourself and find your love and happiness within”. The purpose of life is to move from Who You Are now to Who You Want to Be. When you are being Wise, Powerful, Excellent, and Loving, all the rest of the Causal Sequence, your actions, relationships and your results, will flow from that.

But when you begin an expansion of your Consciousness. You are starting a natural spiritual awakening and growth process, the journey has started. Your inner Being is knocking on the doors to your awareness and seeking to be known,
And you will now discover why clarity is necessary, why past efforts may not have worked and how to set yourself up to win.

Goals are your GPS system for your life
Regardless of the obstacles that may hold you back, keep pushing your way towards successful achievement of your goal. Break out of your confort zone
Go the extra mile. Check your progress and re-evaluate your results.
See yourself exactly how you would be after you have achieved your goal. Picture yourself in your mind’s eye exactly as you would be once your goal is accomplished.
In life an attitude adjustment will make the difference between failure or success, winning or losing, and whether or not you achieve your goals.
It is all in your attitude.
Your Attitude is Everything.

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I am visualizing this initiative aiming at retouching my approach to modern society with zeal, wit and wisdom.

I evaluate and research meaning and understanding the core values into a world of quest where I myself thinking aloud and reflecting, portraying and illustrating an acceptable and just life in a way that is proven that all is possible when sought for.

A once champion of words and expressions, with wisdom humor and clarity I opens up to what lifts me up and what pulls me down as evidence in this peculiar Book of modern ‘’Wits and Wisdom’’ anthology

I am a graduated Doctor in research degree in Human Services with specialization in Social Policy planning and strategy, health nutrition.

"I am promoting creative thinking is a powerful way to engage in learning and be. The one who is encouraged to think creatively shows increased levels of motivation and self-esteem. Creativity prepares them with the flexible skills they need to face an uncertain future. Employers want people who are adaptable, innovative, can solve problems and communicate well and express themselves with others. Develop the ability to be creative can enrich their lives and help them contribute to a better"

I am a published author a philanthropist and short story writer. Programming is a major part of my life, and so I spend most of the day Reading and searching.. At my free time, I like solely walks, and listening to Music. I am basically a simple, adjusting and fun loving person, whom others consider as sincere and friendly too. But they also consider me as modest; I would describe myself as a very ambitious, hardworking and sincere girl. I am enthusiastic about taking up new challenges in life. Friendly and joyful is what my friends would describe me as

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