The only way to make sure that you always have a full practice is to always market. And the best way to do that is to make all the pieces of your marketing pie run on a system, like a well-oiled machine that doesn’t need you to be there the whole time, just once in a while to make sure everything’s going smoothly.
As clients get to know me in our one-on-one private coaching, they tend to see how fanatical I can be about systems. I’ve created systems for EVERYTHING, probably because I’m not a very disciplined person by nature. (And I know I’m not the only one.)

So to counteract that (and because I need to consistently have high-paying clients) I make sure that everything I do runs like clockwork.

Here’s how I do it and how I’ve taught countless clients how to do it too.

Let’s go back to the example of my Marketing Pie:

- Breakfast networking group (WEEKLY MEETING, paid for once a year and booked in my calendar for the entire year)
- Associations (MONTHLY MEETING, paid for once a year and booked in my calendar for the entire year)
- Free teleclasses on how to attract clients, MONTHLY
- My own seminars (BIMONTHLY, paid for and booked at the beginning of the year)
- E-zine (BIWEEKLY, goes out every other week, without exception—my assistant makes sure that it does)
- Articles for association newsletters (MONTHLY, schedule of article and deadlines are set by the association)
- Speaking for associations/organizations/conferences (OFTEN WEEKLY OR BIWEEKLY, I have a list of speaking opportunities that I’m constantly following up on to get booked regularly)
- Strategic alliances (OFTEN WEEKLY OR BIWEEKLY, I have a list of strategic alliances that I’m constantly following up on to do things with regularly)

Do you see a trend? Everything I do in terms of Client Attraction, every single piece of my own Marketing Pie, is set up to work automatically and systematically. I set these things up ahead of time and then all I have to do is show up. I don’t ever have to worry about what I have to do next. It’s already in my calendar. And because of all the Prioritized Daily Task Lists, the Daily Breakout Schedule, the Low-Hanging Fruit list, etc. I end up doing things daily to make sure these systems stay on track.

This is the one thing that I have rarely seen in any book or course that teaches you how to get clients, yet I think it’s one of the most crucial. If you don’t set things up to be systematic, then you won’t stay on track. And if you don’t stay on track, you won’t market consistently. And if you don’t market consistently, then you won’t take action and get results consistently. And that means that you’re going to have a much harder time keeping your practice consistently full, UNLESS you set things up to work on their own, with a little tweak from you here and there.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Set up systems for everything that is marketing and Client Attraction. Figure out what you will do daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly so that you too can go from being undisciplined with not enough clients, to disciplined with a full practice.

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