I was shocked when I heard Canadian Author, Speaker and Professor of Nutrition Susan Sly state when talking about a cleansing diet and removing body toxins - quote "That in the next 24 hours your body will be subjected to more toxins and impurities than our grandparents saw in their entire lifetime"...end. That got me thinking about all those toxins, could such a large volume of toxins be contributing to the sorts of increasing ailments and diseases that seem to be in almost plague proportions today?

People know as they age that they are getting all sorts of ailments that they weren't expecting and it causes them some grief. Just a few years ago I felt exactly the same and I certainly had my share of ailments. Around that time I read in an article by a well published Medical Practitioner who stated that toxins and impurities were contributing too many ailments that I myself had, so I decided to find out if there was a safe way to remove body toxins.

Here's what I uncovered. There are literally thousands of products out there that are making many claims, and with most I found there was absolutely no scientific backing for them. Most are just presented with the usual sales spiels and testimonials. Some time later my son turned up with a program he called a nutritional cleansing program so I researched that and discovered there was a real science behind it.

I discovered the company had a 25-member Research & Development team had over 100 collective years of hands on experience in nutrition, biology, chemistry, food science and technology, product development and quality assurance. I discovered that they had a scientific advisory board made up of notable Medical Professionals and Scientists. I also discovered that they had a no compromise approach to the world's best ingredients for their scientifically based products. This looked good to me so I got started and I've been doing it for 4 years now.

Nutritional Cleansing is designed to eliminate body toxins and impurities in a natural way whilst at the same time feeding you high quality nutrition and supporting your telomeres against oxidative stress. That means cleansing out the junk from the body, feeding you high quality nutrition and supporting the telomeres, which means supporting you in the aging process. I didn't know what telomeres were so I researched them also. They are described as the body's aging switch.

It's sometimes referred to as a cleansing diet program. The all natural cleanse drink component is based around the minerals and trace minerals our body needs plus lots of botanicals, herbs and fruit juices. It also includes a healthy portion of aloe from the inner heart fillet of the aloe plant which helps produce bile and assists the body to flush toxins and impurities. It flushes these toxins and impurities from our kidneys, liver and other organs, right down to a cellular level; providing that you are drinking enough clean drinking water. It also provides our cells with good nutrition for healthy replication. Healthy replicating cells make a healthy body.

The Cleanse juice can be taken as a Deep Cleanse meaning an all day cleanse usually done on one day per week, or as a maintenance daily cleanse where you take a smaller quantity every day. I usually recommend starting on the once a week deep cleanse until you are happy with your weight and your health; and then swapping to the daily cleanse. After all, if we're taking in toxins every day it makes sense to take them out every day leaving your body to work in a clean internal environment. And don't forget your kids; they take in lots of toxins as well. Removing toxins is one of the great successes of nutritional cleansing technology.

And as they said; the program brings your body back into balance once the toxins are removed and the immune and other systems start working again like they were intended. I'm enjoying many benefits with my health since I started nutritional cleansing and I've only needed to visit my Doctor twice in the last 3 ½ years for an annual blood test, just to see that I'm as good on the inside as I feel. The Doctors verdict... He's given me a clean bill of health and said "You're like an 18 year old on the inside so just keep doing whatever you are doing". Not bad at all because I'm over 70.

Toxins and impurities are destroying our lives as we age...and they will continue to do so unless you take some action to reduce them. Sadly people are not being educated about this... so that's what I do. I educate people how they can become incredibly healthy.

Author's Bio: 

Eric Smetherham is a Nutritional Cleansing expert and an Independent Isagenix Cleanse Consultant. Eric now spends much of his time educating and coaching others to achieve better health. Information about the benefits of the popular Isagenix Cleansing program can be found on Eric's website http://www.remove-body-toxins.com where you can buy isagenix online.