The following are some examples which a reader presented from his life.


1.) During school days, many times I was home in the evening and thinking of some girl or boy from my class and than I went out to the market and would see them there.
This used to make me wonder how did they come to the market, but I used to think, that since I went to the market where lots of people come to do shopping so it's not strange to see them there as those markets sell everything so people always come there. But now I think why didn’t I meet other friends whom I was not thinking about.

2.) I can remember instances when I was thinking or humming some song and on switching on radio, the same song will play. Again my analytical mind will say that since I am thinking of some popular song, it has more probability of coming on the air, but those songs were very old and did not play often.

3.) When I was very new in NZ, there was another instance where out of the blue someone came in my life and got me something I really wanted and had been very focused on. Through a series of coincidences I met a fellow who immediately became my friend and by chance I met him on a weekend and than we had beers and while drinking, we both loosened up and I talked about a problem and he helped me solve it totally for free. It was like a miracle as I was ready to spend $5K(maybe more) on that issue.

4.) Three months back something happened which blew my mind. My wife was going on holiday during Christmas break and she didn't like my digital camera and said she wants another one. I said why waste money on a new one when ours is working well. There was a Christmas raffle in her office and she won 30 Instant Kiwi lottery tickets in the raffle and then in one of the tickets she won a brand new Digital camera. We both were really surprised.

This thing is really great, and will be awesome if we can increase this in our lives.
Any suggestions how can we increase these coincidences?


As for increasing the power to make things happen, it is a funny thing, because it is happening automatically in a way, as you see from your examples, you did not do anything to make them happen.

The first thing is to acknowledge that there is more to life than just random chances. That will get your mind to realize that it has great power and then with that belief, your mind will automatically get stronger through the power of faith.

Next, you can start to play a little game. When you are talking to someone and want to set a time to meet, when you ask them when they want to meet, for example, you think of the day and time.
So the exact process is this;
1 Ask them what time they want
2 Only AFTER you ask them, while they are thinking, you immediately think of a time, but do not speak.
3 See if they pick the same time

You can do this with numbers, prices or anything that has to do with anything really.

Now the question is if you knew what they will say or you made them say what you wanted. This, we will never know, but the point is that you are making a connection between two minds, you and them.

The more you do this, your mental connecting power increases. In the realm of thought, there are no limitations for distance and time, so we can make anything happen anywhere.

Acknowledge and really believe that we have the power to attract people or things into our lives, however they may come though what appears a random and unconnected means.

Practice focused thought on small things and people, and have them contact you just because you are thinking about them. The more you use this power, the more your faith will increase and the more often it will happen.

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