1. DEFINITION OF THE PROJECT Be clear about the objectives of the project. Be detailed in describing your business processes, desired future state, and how these will be implemented.

2. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Leverage and communicate with your Project Managers on all sides of the project: the overall PM, the Vendor PM and your internal PM. 

3. THE TEAM Assemble a knowledgeable and diverse group of members for the project. Include participants from different business units and functional areas. They should either have the ability to make decisions or have support from management to get decisions quickly. 

4. LISTEN This will help you recognize the obstacles that people are facing, their fears, and concerns. It often reveals what needs to be addressed to keep the momentum of the project moving forward.

5. COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE, COMMUNICATE Keep everyone “in the know” if parameters change, deadlines move, or just so they are aware of the current status. Invite all parties involved to collaborate. 

6. TRAINING AND PRACTICE The #1 answer to “What would you have done differently to improve the success of your project?” Don’t short cut training! Begin training early, work with the project team to create materials and procedures tailored to your organization. Have a practice plan, evaluate users on their level of comprehension, and retrain as needed.

7.  SCOPE Don’t try to do everything at once. Most upgrade projects typically have “side” projects such as implementation of replacement software, elimination of modifications, learning a new user interface. 

8. ADAPTABILITY Be flexible and adaptable. All projects have obstacles that need to be addressed and overcome. Recognize that they may occur and have a risk mitigation plan. 

9. EVALUATION Evaluate the project regularly as to progress, and again at the end to make sure it’s achieved its’ stated purpose. 
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