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What is Virus Disinfectant Electrostatic Sprayers?

Static electricity is the imbalance of the charge on the surface of a material. The charge will be stored there until it can be transmitted elsewhere through an electric current or electrical discharge.

The term "static" in static electricity refers to the contrast with electric current, the form in which electricity is passed through a conductor and carries energy.

Emist Electrostatic Sprayers are devices that clean the dust surface on products, and also avoid vacuuming the product. For printing the product will be sharper, in industrial printing the product will not stick.

As a sterilization sprayer that kills all types of bacteria, fungi can use all types of specialized sterilization solutions on the market by diffusing the dry ion-type air that covers all surfaces in hidden surfaces.

Function: to disinfect fungi and bacteria, viruses, and pathogens ... the entire surface is exposed through the air of equipment, utensils in operating rooms, ICU, patient rooms, public areas, Public transport, ambulance, patient care, schools and kindergartens, apartments. Best Prices of In-Stock Electrostatic Sprayers and Foggers many Cordless, you can see Shop Electrostatic Sprayers.

Methods and technology of ion generation in Stock Electrostatic Sprayers

  • Static elimination by Ionizer method

Does the antistatic device generate a negative charge or a positive charge to neutralize?

The answer is that the device generates both a positive and a negative charge. The opposite ions neutralize the charge with the object. The opposite ion due to the impact of the electrostatic force will be pushed out and neutralized into the air.

Static elimination devices use the Corona Discharge principle to generate ions:

Using a high voltage (4000-7500V) electrode tip ionizes the air and causes the air to be charged to generate positive or negative ions depending on the electrode's charge.

  • Several ion generation technologies

DC technology is a technology that uses direct current with a voltage of 7000V at each end of the electrode.

DC technology has drawbacks: Some regions will not have both positive and negative ions. The negative electrode will wear out more quickly, resulting in less ion quantity than the positive electrode, which will cause ionic imbalance.

AC technology: uses alternating current to create both positive and negative ions on the same electrode tip.

However, the reversal frequency between the positive and the negative is too low, the conductor cannot neutralize the charge on the product for high speed production lines.

HDC-AC (Hybrid Digital Control-AC) technology is optimized to eliminate static electricity by supplementing technology with high frequency: 200Hz and optimized pulse of current.


  1. Maintain ionic balance after long time using
  2. Less cleaning of equipment
  3. No need to adjust the ion balance.
  4. Produces very little ozone (0.001 PPM)

Based on this principle, people create various devices such as fan, bar, ion nozzle to eliminate all generated static electricity.

Some of the most common electrostatic discharge devices and their applications

  • Fan type electrostatic discharge device

The structure is like a small fan: a combination of an ion-generating part and a rotating fan system that blows ion particles into the area that needs to be de-static (the device runs independently without using a compressed air system). The device can usually adjust the wind speed, as well as an ion balance mechanism.

Fan-type static eliminator is used in the manufacture of electronic equipment or working rooms, static eliminator in the production process of glass, screen or other equipment that needs high precision and so on.

  • Bar type electrostatic discharge device

The device has an alternating circuit ion bar chain, combined with a compressed air system that blows nozzles arranged along the bar, has a strong electrostatic removal effect, over a wide area.

Bar-type electrostatic discharge device can also brush and blow air most effectively.

Applications: Electrostatic discharge equipment is used in the industries of LCD screen assembly, clean room systems, plastics industry, pharmaceuticals, and foodstuffs.

  • Electrostatic equipment type of pneumatic spray nozzle type or hand gun.

The handheld spray electrostatic discharge device is a small, lightweight device that can be fixed and portable, and conveniently moved during operation. The device has a positive power that can maneuver deeply, concentrating the de-power area in required positions.

  • Static elimination chamber

This electrostatic discharge device is designed as a closed chamber, equipped with an additional ionizer; and has as the effect of blowing dust, recovering debris and eliminating static electricity in products.

Basic specifications of the Mold Remediation Electrostatic Sprayer

When choosing an antistatic device the following basic parameters need to be kept in mind

- Ionic balance

- Frequency

- Supply

- Power supply and consumption line

Maximum air pressure

- The display screen

- Electrode needle

- Need equal to ION

- Electrode needle cleaning time

- Alarm

- Lan gate output

- Dynamic balance mode

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