Your home is your safe sanctuary, where you create lasting memories, intimate connections and build your life. Hence, it is scary to think even for a second about your loved ones being endangered from a life-threatening fire hazard.

House fires are among the commonest household hazards which take place. And when they do, they take lives of way too many innocent people. A fire hazard inside your sanctuary proves to be your worst kind nightmare and it’s something you never wish happens to anyone be it close to you or your property’s vicinity.

And although there’s very little you can do to control it, there are some precautionary measures pointed out by notable electricians serving near you to prevent this catastrophe from taking place.

Make It a Point to Check Your Home Smoke Alarm System

The easiest way to do that is to press a tiny button on it to perform the test. If you notice that your smoke alarm keeps on a weekly basis, then you may have to replace its battery so that it works properly whenever needed to prevent a fire outbreak.

Check if All Heating Sources Are Working as Meant to

Ensure all your heating sources are working efficiently. Check air filters of your space heater. Keep it away from anything flammable. Also, arrange a thorough professional check-up either each month (or once every 2-3 months) by experienced local electricians operating in Schofields. If anything, make this a habit. Your safety along with the lives of your dear ones depends on it.

Replace All Damaged/worn Out Wires Immediately

Prior to plugging anything, be sure to check all extension cords, electrical outlets or switches. If you come across any damaged or chewed wires, replace them immediately. Ill-maintained cords or worn out wires are a leading cause of electrical fire hazards in homes. So, perform these life-saving inspections on a frequent basis.

Clean the Stove/oven & Ensure No Curtains Hangs Too Close to It

Forgotten food particles on your oven or stove can make the burner overheat and eventually lead to a nasty fire outbreak. So stay vigilant whenever you cook and clean the oven/stove properly after use.

In addition; you need to ensure that there is no overhanging curtain or a dishwasher towel too close to the stove. One flying flicker is enough for them to catch fire and reduce your entire house to rubble and ash.

In Addition to These Precautionary Measures, Local Electricians Even Recommend These Tips

  • Ensure you store all flammable products safely in a cool area
  • Always maintain caution whenever you use candles or a blow torch. If you feel that the candles have served its purpose, then blow them out before leaving the room. Also, keep your blow torch inside a safe spot when not in use.
  • When placing candles atop a table, pick a spot where there is no carpets or rug underneath. Candles can always tip and fall over them resulting in an ugly house fire.
  • Always install quality fire-security systems from trusted local electricians in Marsden Park, Schofields or any near suburb. They will get the job done following all levied fire safety codes from OSHA
  • And, always keep a fire extinguisher at close reach, so that when a fire outbreak does happen; you give yourself the best chance to put it out before it spreads


PREVENTION IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN CURE. Keeping true to this, follow all these important precautionary measures to prevent a fire hazard in your house! Also ensure you perform a thorough electrical inspection of all potentially risky components, outlets and fires as frequent as possible from certified electricians in the region.

They will resolve all issues and give you peace of mind that your home is safe for you and everyone in it.

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The author runs an electrical company consisting of a team of experienced local electricians serving in Marsden Park, Schofields and other near suburbs helping clients with their different electric-related issues.