Electric bicycles have been around for over 100 years. Not many people know that fact. And with the price of fuel and a bad economy they are here to stay. Everybody wants to save a buck these days and why not an alternate source of transportation.

  • Yes Electric Bicycles or scooters, mopeds or what ever you want to call them now days have been around for over 100 years since the late 1890s. the first pedal bicycles were invented some 30 years before in Paris. But since then many version of the electric bicycle have been patented in the U.S.A. they have been upgraded and perfected to the present time electric bicycle, moped or scooter most made in China or other Asian countries.

  • Motorized bicycles have transformed from many different forms through out the years from the first steam engine to internal combustion engine to electric battery powered which has become the most popular lately other then the Big gas powered gas guzzling hogs that many American Love.

  • Most People are not aware of how long electric bicycles have been around you might think its something new since the recent fuel shortage and cost spikes we all hate, or even because of Global Warming and the whole go green awareness. But not true although it might be one reason for their recent surge in popularity also the technology has improved 10 fold.

  • The popularity here in US is getting a little stronger but not even close to the other countries with big bicycle culture like over seas in Asia its Huge. While doing some researching I found that in 1996 in Shanghai had 370,000 motorized bicycles and 470,000 other vehicles. China is one of the leading producers of electric bicycles and had domestic sales of electric bicycles that reached 16 to 18 million in 2006. America has a long way to catch up to this statistic, in my opinion it will never happen.

  • American Love their cars and trucks to much. Even though I do see more mopeds and scooters even conventional bicycles on the streets now days. I think people are really trying to save money because of the Bad economy and high fuel prices most people are really feeling the pinch I know I am. And you got to admit it is a good alternate source of transportation if you could give up your other beloved vehicle from time to time.

  • The Basic electric bicycle of today looks just like a regular bicycle with pedals and small motor that you really can not see. Most riders use the pedals and use the electric power only when going up hills or maybe when they are tired you might have heard them called power assist vehicles in some circles. But other electric bicycles look more like mopeds and scooters but still have pedals. None of them under the electric power go more then 20mph or have an engine over 700 watts or (1h.p.) this allows them not to be considered a motor vehicle. According to Federal Public Law 107-319 December 4, 2002 which means you do not need a drivers license or even register the vehicle. And if driven like a bicycle it can be driven on most bike lanes if allowed by local jurisdictions.

Electric Bicycle the Origin
By Alejandro Chacon


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