This article is about how to make an electric generator. I will give you the parts that each electric generator consists of and that you need to incorporate for it to work and actually produce electricity. Let's start with the definition of the electric generator, so it is clear what we are talking about, because some people really have the wrong picture of what an electric generator is. An electric generator is any type of machine or device that transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy.

From this simple fact it follows that any generator needs to have some kind of part that creates mechanical energy and one that transforms it into electrical energy. A simple application of this principle would be the dynamo of your bicycle. You create mechanical energy by spinning the wheels while riding a bike. The dynamo then moves by being attached to the wheel. Attached to the dynamo is a magnet. Either it is glued to the head of the dynamo that is spinning or it is surrounding the part that is spinning.

The respective other part of the dynamo will consist of metal. Suppose the rotating center part is a metal loop and the surrounding part is the magnet. When the metal loop rotates, the magnetic field that penetrates each point in the metal changes over time, as the magnet remains still, but the metal moves relatively toward it. When a magnetic field that penetrates a piece of metal changes over time, no matter how fast or slow, an electric current is induced. As the change becomes larger, that is, the turn becomes faster, the induction becomes stronger. Therefore, your bike's lamp will shine brighter when you ride faster, because the induced electric current is stronger.

This is how mechanical energy, rotation, is transformed into electrical energy, the induced current. This is how to make an electric generator. Now for normal generators there is always some kind of input needed to drive them, to create mechanical energy. This can be energy created by nuclear fission or something as simple as burning coal or oil. What all these means to create mechanical energy have in common is that they harm the environment, since some kind of waste is created that damages the environment or consumes something that cannot be replaced.

So far a lot of research has been done and a new type of power device has been found, which also follows the basic principle of the electric generator. It is called a magnetic generator and can produce free energy, which means that it does NOT need ANY input after a start period in which some energy must be supplied.

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An electric generator is a type of generator that provides us with a power source.