Elearning is a rapid growing trend in education in the online community, it is a modern method in which students learn in a virtual environment, this is sometimes also referred as a computer based learning. This online education system teaches through a simulated course program or an over all online instructor facilities the learning process in a single session. Business solution companies use the most advance elerning tools and hire very skilled authors but the question is how effective is Elearning they produced?

Your team has successful released an elearning, kudos to your team. But now that it is released, it is the moment of truth whether you and your teams’ endeavor, is an effective online learning system. How does one determine its success? - Measure the results.

Scope of Research
It is time to gather and research for the results and feedbacks of the online learning you have just released. Before you start gathering result and information, you better know the scope of the research, request from your management what measurements and result they want to see. Managements that value education and training expect very small in terms of metrics, because they are more concern with providing a training platform or opportunities for employees, rather than the result.

However do not be complacent, when a change in the financial status of the company occurred the management might suddenly ask for a result and evaluation of the project. So prepared a research that can be quickly be implemented when that happens.

Actual research gathering
Always think about the current system you are using to measure training results.
Using participant evaluation or standardized test in measuring training result this is a good step since these forms of evaluations can be easily incorporated into elearning. Other departments determine the number of hours trainees spend. It is also a good idea to conduct a research to measure the performance, competencies and intellectual capital, this can be achieved by using tools such as certification programs, portfolio assessment and other forms of measuring tools.

Compare and Contrast
If the project you have finished is a modification of older elearning. It is important you compare it with the features of the previous one and the new one. Answer questions like: Did it improve? How do the new features affect the new one developed? Which is better between the two?

Competition Tracking
Competition in online learning is tough, as better and advanced elearning tools are released which help authors create better content. With this in mind surely your competitors are doing exactly or if not doing better than what your team is doing. Try to study your competitors output, to know theirs and your weakness.

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