The LineGard™ PGFM product family provides ELCI ground fault sensing and is designed & manufactured by North Shore Safety, a leader in innovative safety products. The PGFM series operates in tandem with an Airpax™ LEL series, UL 489 listed circuit breaker, with shunt trip & auxiliary switch manufactured by Sensata Technologies.

The combined assembly of the PGFM & Airpax™ breaker meets the requirements of ABYC E-11 for ground fault protection & main shore power circuit protection. The PGFM constantly monitors the current balance of the conductors (wires / cables) supplying power to the load. When a ground fault of 27mA nominal (30mA max) occurs, the PGFM uses the LEL’s shunt trip coil to signal the breaker trip.

1. Power and fault status indicators
2. Provides identification of a ground fault vs. short circuit trip
3. Chemical and UV resistant enclosure
4. Trip level of sensing device < 30mA (27mA nominal) at trip time of < 100mS (60mS nominal) per E-11
5. Protection range & operating voltage: 0-50 Amps, 120 VAC, 120/240 VAC
6. Unit operating tempature is -35 degrees C to +66 degrees C
7. Accommodates up to 3 wires, 6 AWG, with no twisting of the wires required.

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Smart Plug Systems is a privately held manufacturing firm specializing in power delivery systems. It was founded in 2007 and is located in Seattle, WA. Its flagship product, the SmartPlug, is a patented device positioned to replace the current power delivery system for RV’s, Boats, and a variety of specialty vehicles and miscellaneous industrial applications.