Elbow pain is common in most of the injuries. Human elbow has a complex structure which consists of various bones, tendons, and ligaments. Any injury to one of these components can reduce the motion and can also damage the movement of the body. Different health conditions increase the pain in the joints and rest of life.

The human elbow is made of three bones which are known as humorous, ulna, and the radius. These bones also help in strengthening your forearm. Cartilage in the joint helps you to absorb the shock. Pain in the elbow can also occur due to the nerve damage. This damage to the nerve can also occur due to the brutal impact.

Pain in the elbow is usually that much serious; however, this condition can become dangerous if it remains untreated. This condition can cause real difficulties and can damage the movement of the arm.

Causes of elbow pain

There are various causes of elbow pain, or many conditions can cause pain in the elbow. The repetitive motion of the same joints can cause pain in the elbow. While some common causes of elbow pain are:

  • Broken Arm
  • Bursitis
  • Golfer’s elbow
  • Dislocated elbow
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Stress fracture
  • Tendinitis
  • Sprain
  • Tennis elbow
  • Trapped Nerves

These all are the conditions that cause pain and inflammation in the elbow area. If you don’t treat this condition, you will feel more pain and difficulties.

What are the common one-time injuries?

Some injuries can make your elbow inflamed and extremely painful.

Dislocated elbow – When you get hit on the elbow or fall from the height, one of the bones which makes your elbow slips out of the joint. This can increase the immovability of the hand and can cause intense pain.

Fractured elbow – Fractured elbow is a common condition. This condition usually occurs when any of your bone gets a fracture from the elbow. Sports which have high contact with other sportsmen like football, rugby, soccer, and hockey are more at risk of this injury.

Sprain and strain – Strain is a painful condition in which you stress your muscle. Sprain and strain are common in elbow joints. Putting too much pressure on your elbow can also cause strain. An injury in the elbow is common, especially when you play contact sports or use racquets or throw the ball.

Why does elbow hurt?

The leading causes of elbow pain are injuries and medical conditions. However, some significant causes of elbow pain are:


This condition usually occurs when you repeatedly work with the same hand. You can also experience bursitis if you suffer from accident or infection.

Tennis elbow

This is a type of tendinitis, in this, you have damage in the tendons around your elbow area due to overuse of joint.

Trapped Nerves

In some condition, when you experience a brutal impact on your elbow, your nerves may get pressed. These pressed nerves send a signal to your nervous system, and as a result, you feel pain.

When to seek medical attention?

Minor pain in the elbow is bearable, and can also be treated at home. You can use different home remedies to treat the pain in your elbow. R.I.C.E. is a well-known technique to minimize the pain in the affected area. This procedure depends on four steps. These steps include:

  • Rest – Rest is the first and significant step in this procedure. As you know, when you feel pain in any part of the body, you are advised to take rest.
  • Ice- You can put ice cubes in a polythene bag and can wrap it with a towel. After that, apply it on the affected joint of the elbow. Using ice will minimize pain and inflammation.
  • Compression – You can tie a compression bandage on the elbow to reduce the blood flow in the joint. This will prevent your joint from swelling. Remember that don’t tie it too firmly; otherwise, it will cut off the blood flow to the hand.
  • Elevation – After the above procedure, you should keep your affected area, which is elbow joint in this situation above the heart level. This will also reduce the blood flow to the elbow.

However, if you feel severe pain in your elbow, you can use medication. You can also buy pain tablets online to reduce elbow pain. You can also consult with your doctor if you experience any other underlying health condition along with severe elbow pain.


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