Many men around us have painful ejaculation in their sex life. And sometimes, they will flow out some blood sperm symptoms. But you know what? These symptoms may be caused by seminal vesiculitis. Therefore, men need to understand the characteristics of seminal vesiculitis. And in daily life, they need to know how to prevent or relieve these symptoms.

Symptoms of seminal vesiculitis:

Seminal vesiculitis is one of the most common infectious diseases in males. It frequently occurs in young adults aged 20-40 years.

Specifically, in addition to the pain in the lower abdomen, the following symptoms will appear during the attack:

Blood sperm: The semen is pink or blood color, even with blood and blood clots when ejaculating. In patients with an acute attack, the blood sperm phenomenon is relatively apparent.

Urination: such as urgent urination, frequent urination, dysuria, or burning sensation of the urethra.

Others: in acute attack, there may be fever, chills, and other systemic symptoms. Chronic seminal vesiculitis may lead to decreased sexual desire, premature ejaculation, and other chronic diseases.

Prevention and treatment of seminal vesiculitis:

In general, whether chronic or acute, seminal vesiculitis should be treated thoroughly so as not to delay treatment, miss the best opportunity for treatment, resulting in secondary infertility and other complications.

In treatment, patients should relax and actively cooperate with doctors.

Acute seminal vesiculitis: treat with appropriate antibiotics, such as cephalosporins and quinolones (consult the doctor and use drugs according to the doctor's guidance), and continue to use drugs until all symptoms disappear. In addition, men can also receive dialectical treatment in a regular hospital of traditional Chinese medicine.

Chronic seminal vesiculitis: in addition to antibiotic treatment, local physical therapy is also needed to improve blood circulation and help inflammation subside. At the same time, control sex, and reduce sexual organ congestion. Patients can also choose herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment when the effect of antibiotic therapy is poor. Especially for patients with chronic prostatitis, the effect of herbal medicine will be more obvious.

For the seminal vesiculitis caused by ejaculatory duct stenosis, a transurethral ejaculatory duct incision can be performed. Transurethral resection can be performed for patients with testicular caruncle polyps and affecting ejaculatory duct orifice ejaculation on the same side.

Seminal vesiculitis needs treatment, and prevention is also essential. Men must pay attention to personal hygiene habits, regularly wash private parts, such as prepuce and glans, and reduce the risk of urinary tract infection. Also, they should maintain a light diet, eat less spicy, cold, and greasy food. Do proper exercise to improve their immunity. Also, avoid frequent sex life and other bad habits.

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