Every parent should be aware of important Twitter safety tips that can protect their children from potential harm. The Internet can be a dangerous place and this social media website is no exception.

There are several things you, as a parent, can do to make sure your children can enjoy Twitter safely. If your child is interested in becoming part of the Twittersphere, be sure to share these Twitter safety tips with them.

Protect your tweets. Under “Twitter Settings” there is an option to make your account private. This allows you to select only trusted family members and friends to view your son or daughter’s tweets. Just select “Protect my tweets,” to active this option.

Select a good username. It is best if children opt for a username that does not indicate his or her age or gender. They can make up a silly name or opt to be a character from a television show or a book that they enjoy. The harder it is for strangers to discern any information from the user name, the better it is.

Always monitor their online usage. There may be some inappropriate tweets out there that you would rather your child doesn’t see. Use a filter application such as ReStream or Twalala to control what tweets they will see. Tell them to let you know whenever they would like to use the site. Consider not allowing your child to log in without you.

Don’t let them tweet about location. Caution them against posting where they happen to be at the time, where they will be later, or tweeting their address. It is best not to tweet about location, such as school, a soccer game, or a friend’s house. Even if you have set the account to private, your kids should avoid tweeting anything that mentions their location.

Don’t let them tweet contact information. Phone numbers, email addresses, real names, and any other identifying information should not be a part of their conversations.

Make sure they keep their username and password a secret, except from you. Have them write it down and keep it for them in a secure location. Do not allow them to carry it around with them at school or on outings where you will not be present.

Only accept followers they know. Twitter can be fun for kids to use with friends from school or neighbors and family members. Tell them not to let strangers follow them, just like they wouldn’t in real life.

Don’t use a real photo. You can have your child create a fun image that doesn’t
reveal what they look like, who they are, or the fact that they are a child.

Twitter can be fun for people of all ages, but there are some who can ruin that fun. It is because of this that we need to be aware of and adhere to these important Twitter safety tips. Protect yourself and your children so that you can enjoy the site safely.

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