Know that the connection is already there.
• Feed it. Throughout the day, ask yourself, “How am I feeding my soul?”
• Practice the strengthening techniques daily. We have watched our children learn to walk. Each time they took a step and fell on their little diapered rumps, we exclaimed their successes – not once considering that a failure. Likewise, as we practice communicating, every experience is a step towards our success.

Understand that only you can do it.
• No one can do it for you.
• Reading about it is not enough. Understanding it intellectually does not replace practice.
• The subconscious learns by experience, and through symbols and imagination.

Develop your imagination.
• Everyone has imagination. Just the act of understanding language takes imagination.
Imagination must be nurtured or it will atrophy like any muscle.
• Creative imagination is not equal to delusion or retreating from reality.

See things for what they are.
• Reality and truth are all around us.
• Fear prevents us from clear vision and accessing truth.

Remove self-sabotage.
Ask yourself these questions concerning any behavior.
• What does communicating with my spirit guide allow me to do?
• What does communicating with my spirit guide prevent me from doing?
• What does not communicating with my spirit guide allow me to do?
• What does not communicating with my spirit guide prevent me from doing?

Know that you have assistance from the spirit world.
• Simply ask and be open to the various methods of receiving a response.
• Responses may come as words, thoughts, dreams, metaphors, and even events.

Quiet your mind.
• As in a conversation, if the subconscious and your spirit guides cannot get a word in edgewise, they cannot deliver their message.
• Practice meditation. It is not an exercise in blanking out, it is time spent reflecting on one topic, in a passive, relaxed manner. The benefits are extensive, including clarity, perspective, and balance.

Live life deliberately.
• Be conscious of your decisions. Be responsible for your actions, energy and thoughts.
• Avoid blame, guilt, regret, and delusions.

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Dr. Mary Lee LaBay, Ph.D., serves the community through her innovative work as a psychologist and hypnotherapist, facilitating gentle, yet effective solutions to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual crisis and evolution. Named among the Top 100 Thought Leaders by Personal Excellence Magazine, she maintains a private practice in Bellevue, WA. She may be reached at 866.440.4242.