In order to sleep well with no worries, there are things that you might consider doing before laying your head to sleep. Things which you should do and things which you might be doing already, but all of them are in order to make you feel better when you close your eyes at night and lay your head to sleep.
If you were to set a list on the calendar for each day, those things should be included:
1- Accomplishments:
• Before you sleep, you should count the things that you have gotten accomplished during the day. If they were less than the day before, then you need to work harder the next day. The simple satisfaction this will bring unto you will give you a wide smile. Of course, you have no reason to beat yourself up if you have done anything less or if things got in the way, but keep in mind that what you do eventually works in your favor.

2- Workout:
• Your day is never complete without work out. If you want to look in the mirror every day and see something that makes you feel happy and proud, you should work out every day. For ten minutes at least, you should do some activity in any form, whether you are going to take a walk or do some intense weight lifting, working out will keep you healthy and in shape and it should never stop, no matter how old you are.

3- Study or read:
• A piece of information a day will grant you more experience in different situations; help you on the long run and most of all, grant you more knowledge. No matter what you read, whether if it was a joke or a piece of literature or even some news, reading does not stress the mind, but rather enriches it.

4- Help a stranger:
• While you might have been taught to stay away from stranger, you should also keep in mind that you are a stranger to most of people. If you see an old person trying to cross the road; an old lady trying to pick something from a high shelf or even a dog or a cat that is lost, you should be there to help. Of course, as long as you feel alright with it!

5- Forgive:
• While you might have been wronged before, you should have it in your heart to forgive. Forgiveness is the only path towards serenity and you should learn to use that well. Do not erupt on the smallest things or the biggest things and instead, use your heart to lead you to the light of forgiveness instead of the dark endless road of revenge. Never hold grudges and always forgive, and let the ones you have forgiven know of your greatness through forgiveness. Do not always forget because it might happen again, but do not hold grudges ever.

6- Ask for forgiveness:
• While forgiving might sound difficult, to most of people who have pride in their hearts, asking for forgiveness and apologizing are impossibilities. But if you wish to live as a happy man, you should not mistreat others, and if you, by any chance, have mistreated someone or said something wrong, then you should ask for it to be forgiven.

7- Set a small plan for the next day:
• Yes, a small plan will not take too much time, and if it did not work out well, then alter it during the day, but try to keep it in mind so that by the end of the day, you would count your accomplishments and sleep with a smile on your face.

8- Smile at the beginning of each day:
• Smile to life as it greets you into the next day, smile into the faces of the strangers you meet when you start up your vehicle, smile at your neighbor and your co-workers. Always keep a smile on your face because the least anyone wants to see is a frowning face. If you smile to life, life smiles back at you.

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