Eid-ul-Adha, the day of sacrificing everything in the love of Allah, so on 10th Zilhaj, sacrifice is performed remembered as Eid-ul-Adha.
The animal that slaughtered during Haj, Mina, and other days to gain nearness to Allah, referred to as the animal of sacrifice.

Although sacrificing began with the sons of Adam, it did not end with them because the statement of the Holy Qur'an shows that in all nations, sacrificing was counted among the laws and practices of the Shariah, and they performed it.

The sons of Adam offered sacrifices to Allah to draw closer,
When both offered sacrifices and the sacrifice of one was accepted, and the other did not.The one whose sacrifice was accepted was Habel, and the one whose sacrifice was not accepted was Qabil, and the reason for not accepting was Qabil's ungodly behavior.

The 34th verse of Surah Hajj also expresses the same meaning that animal sacrifice was common in previous nations.
And We have ordained for every nation a way of sacrifice, so that they may mention the name of Allah on the animals which We have provided for them. And your Allah is One. Be obedient to Allah.

In the Quran, there is narrated about the Prophet Ibrahim when he dreamed about slaughter Ismail for Allah.
"Son, I am dreaming that I am slaughtering you. Now tell me, what do you think? The son replied: O Baba, do what you commanded to do. Insha'Allah, you will find me patient and constants. Then when they both bowed their heads and the father laid him on his forehead, and We called out: O Ibrahim! You have made your dream come true, thus do We reward the doers of good. This is a great test, and we have declared it a great sacrifice."

Haj is a Rukan of Islam, that is why its role in worship and society and its performance is very high. There are many rituals of Haj, one of which is sacrifice, as the name indicates that the sacrifice is performed to draw closer to Allah.

The purpose of legitimizing the sacrifice for all nations was to submit to Allah Almighty alone and to do Allah's commandments accordingly. In other words, to enact the law of sacrifice is to test devotion, faith, and submission to it.

According to the Holy Qur'an, only a sacrifice made for the sake of Allah Almighty is acceptable. One must be made a sacrifice only to get closer to Allah Almighty.

Often observed that the element of exposure in sacrifice is very much visible. How ironic that a person buys an animal by spending a hefty sum of money, but by mere showoff, deprived of the great reward which Allah has promised us.

Another awful thing that has become ingrained in us now is the unfair distribution of sacrificial meat. Over time, we have lost the tradition of distributing sacrificial meat from house to house and poor. It happens that the sacrificers try to give the meat to a few known people first, and then the rest stored in their freezer. They ignored the command about meat distribution as one part for friends and relatives, and the second should be distributed among the poor, while the third should be kept by oneself.

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