In the past I suffered deep emotional trauma that left me in the deep dark pit of emotional turmoil. I felt so fragile that for weeks I could not leave my house without bursting into tears. I couldn’t listen to the radio or watch TV. Everywhere I looked there were reminders of what I had lost and this fueled the fire of my trauma. I felt so brittle that the least little word, tone, look, comment could send me into a downward spiral of agony. I was in the “Dark Night of the Soul” and had to make the decision whether to survive or not. I decided to do my inner work and re-create my life. And, it took a few years before I was truly happy again, living a new life of my making. The process of rebirth would have been much longer without the wonderful energy therapy tools that I utilized.

Some people are diagnosed with PTSD, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), a nervous breakdown, panic attacks, and other terms for symptoms of a “dark night of the soul” experience. These are all equally painful for the victim, and often take many years to over-come. There are many therapies focused on serving patients of these disorders, and Energy Psychology provides helpful modalities such as EFT that can effectively address PTSD symptoms and causes.

I was already a practitioner of Neuro Emotional Technique when I suffered my own trauma, and the downside is that I wasn’t able to apply this wonderful tool to myself. So, I searched for another energy clearing technique that would enable me to work on myself. A friend introduced me to Emotional Freedom Technique, and immediately I went to work making myself feel better.

It didn’t take long to feel the shifts starting to take place. I focused upon issue after issue, and literally took a Sabbatical from my work and from my busy life to do full-time inner work. When I started using EFT the shifts started happening faster, and I noticed that my dull, dark, low frequency emotions started to release me to rise to a higher vibration and remember what it felt like to enjoy life again. I am so thankful to Gary Craig, Scott Walker, and others who have put the research and the years of experience behind perfecting meridian-based energy therapy techniques such as EFT and NET so that they can be easily applied and make a difference immediately, quickly, and painlessly.

Yes, I am a staunch advocate of energy psychology and energy therapy modalities. I have seen the benefits of doing energy work on myself and with people around me, and I am passionate about sharing these techniques to help others!

If you have questions about various energy therapy modalities and whether they can benefit you, then feel free to contact me at and we can discuss this.

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Dr. Anne Merkel is Energy Therapist and EFT Coach Alchemist with The Ariela Group of Wholistic Services . She specializes in using NET/ Neuro Emotional Technique and EFT/ Emotional Freedom Technique, both meridian-based energy clearing modalities for conscious life and business transformation, wellness, and release of trauma. Anne is known for her popular N-hanced EFT Coaching Tips which can be found at: .