Parents often teach their young children beliefs to protect them, however, those beliefs often get carried over into adult lives where they no longer are helpful.

Recently, I worked with a woman, Laura, in her 30’s who had a hard time feeling comfortable in a group of strangers. Laura is a business woman and often had to meet with new clients. This issue was effecting her both personally and professionally. Her SUDS level was a 7. Initially, we tapped on the issue of shyness, which helped remove some of her discomfort- in essence, we cut off some of the branches of the tree. The more we tapped and talked, we discovered her core issue, which was “don’t talk to strangers”. She had been taught that by her parents when she was very young and didn’t realize that those words were still affecting her today. This new focus also brought her SUDS level back up.

Now, our real tapping work begun as we had to tap on her reversal as she subconsciously believed that “don’t talk to strangers” was keeping her safe, as well as, that her parents had taught her that.

We used a variation of “Even though I’m holding on to the belief I shouldn’t talk to strangers and I don’t want to let it go, I deeply and completely love and accept myself” as the reversal phrase and tapped three times to that.

Then we used variations of “Even though I believe I shouldn’t talk to strangers, I deeply and completely love and accept myself” as the set up phrase. The reminder phrase we used was, “It’s not safe to talk to strangers”. Later we switched to “I need to listen to my parents”. We overcame the issue of this belief keeping her safe, as well as, disobeying her parents through the tapping in one session. After we tested and were confidant that this issue had a SUDS of “0”, we then tapped in positive beliefs and behaviors that Laura wanted. One example is, as an adult she would be able to decide who it was safe to talk to.

I heard from Laura two days after our session. She mentioned that she was shopping the previous day and had gotten to the store 10 minutes before it had opened. Typically, she said, she would have waited in her car until the store had opened and then gone into shop. Instead, Laura said, it was a beautiful day, so, she decided to wait outside until the store opened. Interestingly enough, several other people decided to wait outside, as well. Before she knew it, she was engaging in conversation with one of them, and within a few minutes, what started as a conversation with one person, had turned into a lively group conversation of 8 people that she had initiated. Later that day, she had commented to herself how that had been an unusual experience for her- and then it dawned on her- her behavior and experience had changed due to the tapping.

Laura has contacted me several other times since our initial tapping session to relay stories of success demonstrating how she has become much more comfortable in social settings which has improved her job performance and made her happier in her personal life.

Tapping is so powerful at quickly helping people change core and childhood beliefs quickly and painlessly. I find that my clients get the most successful and lasting results when we’re able to deal with the reversal and any core issues that may come up.

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Author's Bio: 

I am a Success Coach who utilizes tapping techniques from the field of energy psychology with my clients to help them overcome obstacles that are blocking their success. I focus on helping people with dissolving life long negative beliefs and changing self-sabotaging behaviors. My favorite part of helping people with this technique is the quick results they experience; my clients say it's as if a huge weight has been taken off of them.

While I enjoyed a successful career in the business world, I came to realize that there had to be something more for me to do in life. After being exposed to many life altering experiences and inspiring people, I knew that my path was in the world of energy healing.