EFT and abundance go together.

Understanding the art of deleting limiting beliefs, ideas or behavior using EFT will allow you to attract wealth at will. If you don’t understand how to do this, you’ll find yourself striving to attract what you want. You’ll almost certainly get aggravated and turn back to the gradual grind of forcing activity and discovering little to not any results.

We’ll be applying EFT to remove the emotional charge behind the confining beliefs and thoughts that stop you from attracting wealth. Once that emotional charge has been taken out, you’ll find that those thoughts and beliefs no longer have any impact over you.

Implementing EFT in this proactive manner, you can fundamentally select exactly how you’d like to feel about any target or subject. And as you well understand, how you feel about a goal is a immediate reflection of what you’re attracting to you.

Secret Procedure #1: Clear away Immediate Doubts/Blocks/Worries To Attracting Riches

The initial process we’re going to know is very simple. It’s designed to remove the immediate blocks that created with respect to our goal.

1. Acquire out a pen and a blank piece of paper.
2. Put in writing you goal – pick a distinct area in your life for which you’d like to attract greater riches.
3. Next, write down the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t censor, just record whatever comes up.
4. Perform the EFT procedure on what ever comes up. Replicate the procedure right up until the emotional charge is absent.
5. Read the goal out to yourself, and record the next thing that comes up. Tap out the emotional charge from that too.
6. Proceed until you require a break OR achieve a state where you really feel positive about your aim.

Secret Procedure #2: The Smart Inquiries Procedure

This next method consists of asking yourself a powerful, searching query so as to bring up any further blocks.

1. Get out an additional blank piece of paper.
2. Write out the following query: “What’s halting me from acquiring my goal of …? ” Fill in the information of your target at the end of the sentence.
3. Consider the first thing that occurs to mind and write it beneath the question.
4. At this point tap out the emotional charge from that idea/belief/thought utilizing EFT. Repeat the process till the charge is gone.
5. Read the question out to yourself once again, write down the very first thing that occurs to mind and tap out the emotional charge.
6. Continue until you will need a break OR run out of blockages to get rid of!

Just doing those 2 methods alone will skyrocket the power with which you are attracting your objectives.

Now that you have these two procedures, the next step is to get out a piece of paper right now and commence on method one….

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