As an EFT Coach, often clients ask me for support clearing physical ailments which include pain. I generally apply a variety of energy therapy modalities when I work directly with a client. Of course when I want to share simple-to-use steps for self application, I set up an easy EFT & AK point protocol that can be followed, such as I’ve listed below for clearing pain. I hope this is useful for you. Feel free to customize this for your specific case, and use this as a guide.

I suggest that you address your pain in the following sequence, using the points indicated. [If you are not familiar with the tapping points then review the short video located at: .

1. Pain & obvious symptoms: whenever there is pain or when symptoms are showing up, it is easiest to clear these so they are out of the way as we go deeper into clearing the cause.

a. Start by touching with one hand the pain area and place the other hand across your forehead. Breathe into the pain as you might in a yoga session. Feel the pain and breathe it out on each exhale. Note any shifts in the pain sensation, movement of the pain to another location, thoughts or emotions that might flood into your mind.

b. Tap on the Karate Chop point saying the following:

b.i. “Even though I feel this pain, I deeply & completely accept myself.”

b.ii. “Even though this pain hurts me, I understand that the Power that made the body can heal the body.”

b.iii. “Even though I feel this pain, and the pain is trying to tell me something, I choose to learn what I must know and let go of the pain sensation.”

2. Fear: we have been taught by society and many doctors that we are victims of our bodies, and that when the body has a problem we must turn outside of ourselves to find help. When we feel powerless in any situation we feel fear, so this is a good time to clear that by tapping on the collarbone point and personalizing the following phrases:

a. “Even though I feel like a victim and I am afraid, I deeply & completely appreciate my subconscious for protecting me.”

b. “Even though I feel this fear & sense of victimhood, I deeply & completely accept myself and choose to let these feelings go now.”

c. “Even though this fear is still in me, I deeply & completely accept my self-protecting mind, and I choose to clear the fear now.”

3. Victimhood and lack of control: while we are focused here, this is a good time to clear all feelings of being a victim to our body and health. Use the Collarbone point for fear & vulnerability, the Base of the Index Fingernail for lack of control or feeling controlled by the body or by doctors, and use the Under Eye and Under Arm points for letting go of emotional blockages around this as well as lack of personal power. Some suggested set-up statements include:

a. “Even though I feel powerless, I deeply & completely accept myself.”
b. “Even though this illness & pain makes me feel powerless, I deeply & completely accept myself and my own power.”
c. “Even though this pain seems to have drained my power, I choose to re-claim all parts of myself including my personal power – now!”

4. Emotions around the diagnosis: often a diagnosis has been made – or not, and there might be fear, dread, confusion, frustration, many other emotions around this news (or lack thereof) and how it was presented to the client/patient. I suggest that you utilize the full EFT short form for this and create statements that express your emotions and your choice to let go of them.

5. Treatment fears: as your treatment time approaches there is often fear, dread, concern, etc. about the procedures, the outcome, the cost, other details. A full short round of EFT might clear this up while you focus on talking to your own subconscious mind as you tap each point. Pause and tap and feel your emotions until you feel a bit of shift or release at each point.

6. Treatment issues & process: as your treatment is carried through (such as chemo, radiation therapy, surgery, etc.), there may be additional issues and pain. Remember that each time you have surgery your subconscious mind may believe that you are going to die, so this needs to be cleared.

a. Use a full EFT protocol for each separate aspect or emotion that you feel.
b. Tap on each point until you feel some relief from the stress or pain.
c. At each point, simply talk gently to yourself about what you feel and how the stress is hurting you, so it is time to let it go.

7. Prognosis: in many cases a physician has presented a condition’s prognosis to you, and this can be very depressing or scary. A full EFT round with special attention to the Collarbone point will help.

8. During this process if the pain moves or other symptoms show up, then tap them away. [See point #1 above.]

9. Fear of the future: you may feel afraid that your condition, the associated pain, or a related illness will return. This may be based on negative cases of others, a personal experience, or your own habit of worrying. Any and all of these can be cleared with EFT. Use the Karate Chop and Collarbone points to clear whatever fear comes up.
10. Dark dread, fear, out of control, depression: in severe cases of fear for your life you may enter into a “dark night of the soul” period where you feel overwhelmed by negative emotion. In this case I suggest that you find an EFT coach or facilitator who is sensitive and gentle and can offer support to get you through this most difficult time.

It is my personal philosophy – from my own experience – that NOBODY needs to suffer or to live with pain! I hope that the simple protocol listed above will help to quickly get you beyond your pain and the associated emotions.

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Dr. Anne Merkel is known internationally as Energy Therapist and EFT Coach Alchemist with The Ariela Group of Wholistic Services . She specializes in using N-hanced EFT, an energy clearing modality combining NET and EFT for conscious life and business transformation, wellness, and release of trauma. Anne invites you to learn how you may clear inner blocks, self-sabotage, and pain to reclaim your pure potentiality by “Liking” her Facebook page and receiving her e-guidebook, The Cuztic Energy Clearing Process Guide.