If you are familiar with the use of meridian-tapping techniques such as EFT / Emotional Freedom Technique, you will probably have already encountered at least one case of when you tapped on an issue and it seemingly was cleared, but “came back” with more charge on the next day.

There are probably many reasons for this, and in this short article I will share several that come to mind and that I feel are often the underlying cause of why an issue will either not lose all of its charge or will show up later with a higher charge.

1- No matter what your conscious mind wants to clear as a priority, the body-mind-spirit energy system has its own subconscious priority system and often this does not place first the same priority issue as your conscious mind. The natural system may relate certain issues and emotions with others, and each may be stored in a different meridian or brain category. As you set a conscious intention to clear said issue, it may indeed be hidden under several other layers of worry, tension, repeating-cycle occurrences, and related issues. Before it can be cleared there may be other energetics that need to disappear in order for it to be accessible.

2- After working on an issue and clearing the charge down to a 0 or 1 on the SUDS energetic charge scale, if it returns the next day with a higher SUDS again, then there may be two reasons why this occurs. Let me give you some EFT Energy Therapy coaching:

a. Each time you use EFT or another meridian-based clearing technique, you must look at the over-all issue that you are clearing as though it were a precious stone. In a diamond there are many reflective sides or facets. In an emotional issue there are many entry-ways into the issue. To polish the precious stone you can go facet-by-facet. In clearing an emotional issue you may clear one approach to the issue then you’ll need to clear another, and then another. Each time you look at the issue or situation from a different perspective, there is potentially another aspect of the issue to clear. When all of the facets are polished, or aspects are cleared, then the SUDS charge will not re-appear around any aspect of the issue at hand.

b. Often when you begin clearing an issue using a meridian-based modality such as EFT, as you start working on the issue you have identified, another related issue with charge may pop up from your subconscious. When this occurs I always pay attention because the subconscious mind knows better than we do what issue is ready to be cleared. When it is ready, an issue may be triggered by another related one, and it pops up from the subconscious mind and electro-magnetic field with more charge than the one being worked on. When this happens I usually switch my focus to the new related issue – or subconscious priority - and clear that down to a 0 charge first, then return to check the original issue. In doing this I find that usually the seemingly “secondary” issue often is either the core issue or a deeper issue than the one that triggered it, so in clearing this, the first issue usually disappears. Often practitioners stress not to shift to another charged issue like I’ve described here, but in my experience this works better and ends up doing a more complete clearing job of the issues that the body-mind-spirit would like to clear.

3- Another reason why an issue may not clear completely the first time is that there may be some involvement of what many energy psychologists term: “psychological reversal”. In cases like this there is an almost visceral aversion to clearing or believing that the clearing will really work. This often shows up in cases of trauma, abuse, and long-chronic issues and conditions. There are some specific protocols that can be used to focus first on clearing the resistance to clearing, and then getting down to clearing the issue itself.

4- And, another condition that causes difficulty in using these processes includes becoming “switched” or experiencing “apolarity”, where the energy system simply goes into overload and black seems white, left is confused with right, yes means no, and there is hemispheric confusion in the brain. There are a variety of techniques to re-balance and to clear this condition. Some of these, depending on the professional expertise and licensing of the practitioner, include: using special polarity homeopathics, adjusting C1, re-balancing through muscle re-alignment and AK techniques, and administering certain specific tapping protocols formulated for clearing this condition.

So, the next time you find yourself working on an issue that just doesn’t seem to want to clear, keep the above points in mind so that you can become more accepting of the state you are in and receptive to receiving insights on what might be the cause of your blockage. If you remain centered and ask for an answer, without allowing yourself to feel stressed or impatient about your progress, then the answers or realignment will come naturally and then you may proceed again – this time more successfully.

Here is to your success!

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Anne Merkel is known internationally as Energy Therapist and Coach Alchemist with The Ariela Group of Wholistic Services . She specializes in using N-hanced EFT, an energy clearing modality combining NET and EFT for conscious life and business transformation, wellness, and release of trauma. Anne invites you to learn how you may clear inner blocks, self-sabotage, and pain to reclaim your pure potentiality by visiting her EFT Coaching site and receiving her e-guidebook, Ten Keys to Pure Potentiality, when you sign up for the Conscious Living e-zine.