I love it when I hear my clients say "WOW!" after learning a new modality they can take with them to use at their own convenience. The Emotional Freedom Technique, more commonly known as EFT, is a reprogramming modality that allows users to remove energetic as well as physical restrictions. It is one of those "things," for lack of a better term. Its biggest draw is that you can use it anywhere, making it more "convertible" than many modulated response techniques. You might wonder, "If it is so simple, can it really work?" The answer is a resounding YES!

When clients are heading into or know they're entering a stressful period in their lives, I love to pass this modality along to them. Being able to instantly release the anxiety of any situation also allows my clients to reduce the stress associated with entering such situations.

Sure, it takes practice to put together the phrase or intention through which you would like to work. Not always do you nail the correct vocabulary 100% of the time, and almost never do you do so on the first try. Yet there are so many tools available for EFT practices, as well as incredible examples of individuals who have dedicated their lives and livelihoods to using EFT to support others. Among their websites, tweets, blogs, status updates and other social media, you can easily find the support necessary to fine tune your EFT use.

One of my favorite resources is Blog Talk Radio's EFT World Mentoring, which has as its goal to support people to integrate EFT use into their lives.

Similarly, Tappy Bear is another resource to use when introducing EFT to children. This little guy is on my Christmas gift list for my son. I used EFT with him during stressful times such as teething pain, anxiety associated with going to day care, and helping him work through getting into his car seat without a fight.

I think my favorite aspect of EFT is that there are no age limits, health restrictions or privacy issues. Anyone can embrace the use of EFT, no matter where she may be at any given moment. All you need is your intention and clarity regarding what the issue is while being open to the journey that comes after the clearing/stress relief occurs.

Until next time, embrace your inner wisdom and thanks for reading!


Author's Bio: 

Karen Kleinwort is a certified professional coach who specializes in life, business and health coaching. Kleinwort also holds a BS in Business Management and an AA in Holistic Health & Fitness Promotion; additionally, she is a Reiki Master and CranioSacral Practitioner. Kleinwort is available for interviews and appearances. You can contact her at karen@therapyintransition.org or (877) 255-0761.