In any energy therapy or EFT coaching situation you will get the most from a session if you take time at the beginning to find the root cause.

What do I mean by "root cause"? Some people call this the "underlying issue", and it is basically the deepest, original occurrence of the energetics of what you are suffering in the moment and wish to clear.
By clearing an original occurrence you can clear a pattern, a recurring cycle, the issue at hand, and all other related issues.

By clearing the root cause you will take much less time in your EFT tapping, and you will get fast and permanent results.

By going right to the root you will even be able to by-pass the symptoms if these are not too painfully standing in the way of performing the EFT tapping.

So, do some research before the tapping begins, and you will find that your results are much more profound!
Recently a client presented to me with fever and deep fatigue. In her business she had excelled for several months and then it seemed that she could not work or get anything done. She was in a healing crisis since none of the tests done by her physician were indicating what could cause the fever and fatigue. She was referred by a friend who felt she needed energy therapy.

Following a specific protocol I asked her a set of questions and then led her in a couple of tapping sequences... all in a half hour. Here are the steps that were used with that client:

1. First, I requested all of her symptoms and had her fill in an on-line wellness check which tells me which of her meridians are under stress. In some cases the client provides symptoms, wellness check results, and other information in a pre-coaching in-take form. This was not true in this case – it was all done verbally during the session.

2. Next I asked when the fever & fatigue had started. At this point symptoms were noted with a time-line so that patterns could be detected.

3. Then I asked about medications she might be taking for the symptoms. This information provided clues as to new chemistry (the meds) added to the ratio which had “changed the situation” from the norm of a body attempting to balance itself.

4. With this information as a foundation for the physical issues, I then asked her what was going on in her life around the time she started feeling ill.

5. Further questioning took me deeper into what the underlying emotions were that might have caused the first symptoms to occur. As the client talked she was instructed to start tapping on certain EFT acupressure points and kinesiology neurolymphatic points. And as she talked, as often occurs, more early symptoms were mentioned here that had not come up when the client first presented her case.

6. When it seemed that the underlying emotions had been revealed we started an N-hanced EFT tapping process focusing on just the points that related most to the emotions that she felt, and then finishing up with all of the regular short-form EFT tapping points. In this process the client was instructed to feel her emotions and to tap on each point until she felt the emotional charge shift, and then go to the next point and repeat the procedure.

In this case we only had to go back a couple of months to find the trigger situation, and it clearly linked to an underlying cause from years before.

This client had started to suffer from her symptoms two months before she and I met. This was right after her son, daughter-in-law, and new grandbaby had left to live in Europe. She reported that she developed a case of acid reflux and had gone to a doctor for tests and treatment. He put her on a medication for the acid reflux. Then she started to experience fever and fatigue. The fever got as high as 104 one day and she returned to the doctor who placed her on antibiotics.

My wellness analysis showed that she was having issues with the liver and gall bladder meridians and that all of her intestinal track was out of balance and stressed.

So, we discussed all of this briefly and it seemed to me that the underlying cause of everything else was her grief, anger, resentment, and guilt about having her son and family return to Europe. She was heart-broken and had not discussed this with others, feeling that she was supposed to be strong and not show emotions.
We tapped on her feelings about her family members moving so far away and how she would miss them and that new grandbaby. While tapping an earlier deep feeling of guilt appeared from her subconscious. She had left both of her children in Europe when she came to the US years before. Even though she supported the children financially from afar, she still had felt guilty for many years about seemingly abandoning them when they were younger. Her son had finally come to join her in the US, had finished school, gotten married, and now decided to return to Europe with his family. She still felt guilty and heartbroken that she was left behind.
In that short session we tapped on several aspects of her emotional pain and gave her tips on how to tap for herself. She was also advised to discuss with her physician the emotional aspects and to potentially get off of the acid reflux medications as well as the antibiotics. The latter probably killed the helpful bacteria in her intestinal track and the former might be the cause of the fever. The acid reflux may be directly associated with the stress and heart-felt pain she was having. Both the heart and throat chakra areas were involved with her distress, and both are in the region where acid reflux appears physically.

In my opinion her body needs to re-balance itself - without the influence of drugs. And, she must continue to clear the emotions she has been blocking since her son left… and before.

I recommended that she continue to work on clearing the stuck emotions and that she consult her physician to discuss adjusting or getting off of the medications. The root causes of her symptoms seemed to me as emotion-based, so this is what we went after to clear, and this is the protocol that is successful with others also.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Anne Merkel is Energy Therapist and EFT Coach with The Ariela Group of Wholistic Services . She specializes in using NET/ Neuro Emotional Technique and EFT/ Emotional Freedom Technique, both meridian-based energy clearing modalities for conscious life and business transformation, wellness, and release of trauma. Anne is known for her popular N-hanced EFT TAPshop energy therapy group coaching sessions and her Abundance self-study series, in addition to her free EFT Resource Center and EFT Coaching Tips .