Because EFT is such a potent and easy-to-use Energy Therapy modality, it is exciting to utilize it and then notice amazing results in your life and relationships.

Quantum science has proven that energy is non-local, so one need not be in close proximity in order to receive blessings from prayer, feel energy shifts, accept love coming from a distant partner, benefit from energy therapy by phone. It also explains how we are all related energetically, so if one person reacts, it is felt by others.

Often wonderful seeming “miracles” happen when clients work on their relationship issues using EFT and other energy therapy modalities. Did you know that if you clear the emotional resistance, heaviness, pain around a relationship, then that same negative energetic shifts in some way for the other person too?

Let us look at it as though you and the other person were tugging on opposite ends of a long rope. It is so long that you cannot see each other and you may even forget the other person is at the other end. You have struggled with this tug-of-war for awhile and it is taking your time and energy to keep up the process. One day you decide to do some energy work around this and after removing the charge and inner need to keep pulling on the rope you realize that it is just extra exerted energy that is no longer necessary nor beneficial in your life. Without the emotional charge that caused you to be obsessed with pulling, you are able to just lay down the rope and walk away. You can imagine that the other person tugging on the opposite end will feel this. He or she may not know what happened, but at the moment you give up the struggle, that struggle also ends for the other person. What a gift this is, not only for yourself, but for the other person… and for everyone else involved who has witnessed or participated in some way in your struggle.

One way to work with couples that shows great success is for an energy therapist to have a session with both partners and then sessions with each one separately to clear his or her issues around the relationship. Without pointing fingers, telling stories, or re-living arguments and hard times, the energies around these can be cleared by each individual and then the other automatically feels the results around that issue. In this way, in a personal, peaceful way, the issues held by each of the partners can be de-charged and discharged so that the two individuals can enjoy each other and the relationship more as they both have moved a step further forward in personal transformation.

The ultimate goal in relationship is to share and feel the mutual love and caring, and let go of any form of resistance or conflict from the past or present so that the relationship can reach its full potential.

If you feel that your relationship could use some new romance or needs to be cleared of heavy emotions, then you may wish to consider signing up for some specialized Transformational Couples Coaching with an energy therapist to guide you forward.

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Dr. Anne Merkel, Energy Psychologist and student of Energy Medicine & Naturopathy, focuses on body-mind-spirit balance in her private work with individuals and Health and Wellness Practitioners such as chiropractors, medical doctors, naturopaths, therapists, and coaches. Learn more at: or .