Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a powerful malfunction in our mind that can cause a lifetime of debilitating dysfunction.

I lived with PTSD much of my life after being held imprisoned and tortured until I was nearly dead. It wasn't until I transcended the limitations of mental constructs about the nature of reality and elevated into a higher plane of existence that I understood the hold our minds could have over our bodies and our lives.

This mini session today may inspire you to release any trauma that binds you unnecessarily into old habits or patterns of fear or anxiety.

Picture your trauma as the stagnation of your Source of Life. The suffering you have experienced is held in position through the tension held throughout your body and energy system as you breathe shallowly. Your breath is all that dictates what you hold onto and what you release. Trauma is calcified into your energy field and creates a resistance to the natural flow of your life. Past Trauma that impacts your present now is resistance to your own eternal, sacred life-affirmation. Finally, trauma calcification in your energy field, looks like grains of sand, or dark patches that appear held locked into your field by a deep-seated fear of the future and resentment or tension clinging to that past experience.

It is important that we release pent-up trauma through sacred breath work.

Breath is life. Without breath, there is no life. All is connected through our breath, dear one.

Usually when we find ourselves trapped by the past, as soon as we become conscious of how we breathe, we find that we have separated ourselves from our Source of Life through shallow breathing patterns we learn early on from our primary caretakers.

Babies are masters of breath. They use full body breathing to support them as they inhale fully and release fully in alignment with all that is. They are not trapped in the past nor do they fear the future. All exists in between the space of breath for them. The effortless bliss of now.

My Story

My time spent in captivity at the hands of a brutal human trafficker who raped and tortured me repeatedly then held me in a tiny dark room in solitary confinement sometimes for days, very nearly destroyed me. I walked out of there, barely alive. I had several near death experiences while trapped at his hands. I did not think I'd make it out alive. I thank my blessed stars every day I am here, now to share my life, with my daughters and now, with you.

After this event, I struggled with severe PTSD, malnutrition, and systemic chemical overload. My body started to shut down. I had been diagnosed with a host of medical problems, but not a single conclusion. I was told the drugs and chemicals he had forced into my body should have killed me. But it did not. Drugs they tried to give me, my body rejected and further began to crash. Then, I was given my death warrant. The doctors were convinced given the damage to my organs and lungs, that I'd be lucky to see the age of 35, and that I'd definitely not be able to get pregnant. If by some miracle I did, the pregnancy would likely kill myself and the child. After that, for several years, I battled with extreme pain, extreme night terrors, debilitating depression, and severe memory loss. I was desperate for any solution. Any one who has dealt with debilitating, chronic pain and fatigue will understand what I am saying.
The Key to Releasing Any and ALL Trauma

I can tell you personally, this is a process that works. Allow me to explain dear one. I'm not interested in sharing something that would not benefit you.

Open the door and allow your personal transformation to begin. All you have to do is open yourself.

The rest of it is already done on your behalf.

Out of this tragedy, dear one, I was given a series of remarkable gifts. Gifts that enable me to walk in light, to transcend out of time and space with effortlessness and commune with the Divine, and to peer into any field of energy and receive both wisdom and insight.

One night I was given a vision - an ancient, sacred ritual to follow to release the ties that bind us to a past trauma that I now offer to you.

Now, I'll tell you, I was highly skeptical. Back then, I was no mystic. I struggled with the idea I had unique gifts, but nevertheless there they were. I scoffed at the idea, but the vision would not leave me alone.

I have since come to understand that rituals, when performed repetively are connected vibrationally through time and space, increasing their vibrational power in the akashic field. When we follow a ritual through, we are imbuing ourselves and our entire energy field as well as our entire timeline with the energy from that ritual.
With that in mind, when I experienced this ritual, I discovered I was able to release much, quite effortlessly. Things that in years spent in therapy I could not.

Over time, I was able to become pregnant and carry that beautiful baby boy you see above, miraculously to full term. Today, I have the blood chemistry of a person half my age.

The key to releasing ALL Trauma, is to give ourselves time to full engage with the emotions that rise up within us and transmute them for a higher purpose. Use the energy of emotion that our thoughts create to stimulate us into positive action for the purpose of co-creating new realities.

If we stuff them back down deep inside us, we are sitting on time bomb that will eventually explode. Honor your need to grieve, your need to feel anger, to feel fear. Do not fear these emotions or feelings linked to emotions through our thoughts. Get to the heart of the emotion, the center of it, not out of a desire to destroy it or yourself, but to understand it and center yourself in the eye of the storm.

Allow yourself time to cry, be afraid, angry, whatever it is you need. Separate yourself from other life and process it on your own. This may sound limited, but when you can delve into the center of these things without distraction, you can dissolve the calcification deposits that trauma creates all over your energy field (and often, subsequently whatever tension or scarring in your physical body may be released as well). This releases your to be free, effortless and full of joy.

Practice the art of gentle, loving compassionate self care for the divine child within you as you release past trauma. The goal of release is not to fix or improve yourself, but to restore you to your original state of wholeness as you unravel the layers of past trauma and return to your pure essence of being.
The powerful ritual to release your past trauma:

Select a traumatic experience you wish to release.

Prepare a tub of water with a cup of soothing magnesium salts, Dead Sea salts, herbs and flowers. I prefer to use rose petals, chamomile and lemon balm for this purpose. Rose has one of the highest vibrational elevations and will elevate your energy field, transmuting the life-negation of trauma through the water of the tub. Chamomile is a harmonizer of energy that can harmonize the new vibration into your field and lemon balm is a soother of erratic vibrational patterns as you pass through the threshold to fully disperse the trauma binding you to a time, identity, fear or place.

As you run the bath water (run it as powerfully as you can to stimulate the water energy), say this prayer of intention over the water:

I ask to release the trauma in my body related to this experience. I honor the energies of water, time, space and the life force of the mineral and plant kingdoms. I ask all who support the release of my trauma to support me and protect me.

Run your hand through the water seven times, clockwise in the figure eight spiral of Infinity, prananizing the water.

As I submerge I ask that all be brought to me to center within, release and transcend, that I may emerge anew, clear and in alignment with the effortless bliss of NOW. I ask that it be so. Namaste.

Now you may submerge your body fully into your tub of prepared water. Adjust the faucet to trickle warm water into the tub to maintain a comfortable temperature. If possible, attempt to have the flow or tub of water touch the area where the trauma feels most significant to you as you begin.

Breathe in and out on the count of slow threes (one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand).
Breathe at a rate that is soothing, relaxing and comfortable for you.
The emphasis is always on drawing the in-breath deeply through the nose and releasing the out-breath fully through the mouth.
Hold the breath for the in-between space of now for the same count of three, imagining the in-breath prananizing your energy field.
Now, relax the breath out fully for the same slow count.
Hold for three before the next in breath to allow the herbs and the salts in your bath to gently activate and elevate your energy field on your behalf, creating a vortex around your entire body, protecting it while the stagnation holding this past trauma in place begins to sweep itself clear of your field, effortlessly through the breath of change.
As you breathe in, breathe in acceptance, forgiveness for yourself, transformation, resolution, and any words or mantras that affirm your life and your presence now.
As you breathe out, imagine the vortex sweeping in again and releasing more the stagnation and calcification around the trauma that holds it in place in your system… bit by bit, with each breath sweeping the debris surrounding the trauma away until it is visible.
inhale deeply and relaxed again. Then relax the breath out. Repeat this for 30 minutes. Stay in a place of centering in on your breath.
If you experience an overwhelming urge to leave the water, in all likelihood, you have reached the threshold to now begin releasing the trauma's deeper wound to your energy field.
If you remain in the tub for a few minutes longer, the major issues pertaining to this trauma will begin to surface.
Now begin focusing on letting the vortex of energy surrounding you sweeping away the major issues of the trauma itself a little at a time.
Feel any emotion that arises up within you fully, allowing yourself to grieve, to rail, to cry.
Carry yourself into the very center of the emotion, the eye of the storm, so to speak, and understand the message it is offering you in gratitude for its release.
Where you can, remain cognizant of the purpose for the deep, rhythmic breathing patterns at all times, using your breath to deepen yourself into the center of each feeling, feeling it deeply until it releases. It may feel like waves.
You have a choice, now. Today, here and now, you may choose to release and let go fully of the trauma of the past and create yourself anew. There is nothing to fear here. You are in a safe, co-created universe that lovingly supports you, honors you and protects you.
Allow the devas of the herb clan, the mineral clan, and the water clan to now assist you in transmuting your emotions to a higher vibrational frequency of transformation. At this point, many people receive inspirational insight pertaining to actions they might take, a renewed sense of purpose to fulfill, or minor shifts to make in their lives. They often begin feeling empowered to transform an area of their life they have previously avoided.
Allow the roses to elevate your awareness, the chamomile to harmonize your elevation, and the lemon balm to soothe your raw nerves. Allow the minerals to stabilize and ground you and begin to nourish and detoxify any last remaining vestige of energetic decay. Allow water to pananize your field and protect you as you birth yourself anew.
As the vortex sweeps away the trauma, observe now that where the trauma once was is now replaced with the light from your Eternal Source, restoring your energy field to wholeness and completeness from within.
Please note- It is critically important not to hyperventilate at any point during this time. This is a comfortable, relaxing process.

A side-effect of this unique style of relaxed, deep breathing with the pause promotes longevity; deeply reduces stress within 30 seconds, and gives your body time to make use of its breath of life, fully oxygenating all its organs. Therefore, you may wish to practice it until it becomes your normal breathing pattern.

Now, over time, I have since been blessed with an even more powerful transcendental force for effortless releasing, healing and transformation, through the gift of Seraphma and Divine Light Awakenings. But that's for another time, and not important now.

Many of the major light-bringers have been star-seeded here. In other words, they didn’t descend gradually into this density.

They have come down rapidly from higher frequencies to be the light that shines where the suffering is the most intense—at the hot spots of humanity that desperately need to release their trauma in a loving, compassionate way. Such are often highly sensitive and cling to things that otherwise wouldn’t bother those who have been in density for centuries. You may be clinging to trauma that is not even yours to begin with, for a part of your DeLight giving properties is to effortlessly release the trauma through chords that are connected through you into the web that expands around the earth and past through the annals of time and space.

When you stop working hard on fixing issues, and instead choose to catalyze through the process of DeLight by transcending into DeLight Making, life becomes effortless, sacred playing, making and creating for you. No longer is it about grieving or heavy lifting, but transmuting the darkness into the lightness of being in the divine space of now. When you begin to lightly be who you have always been, you become the bringer of joy, laughter or merriment to others.

It is here where the undeveloped light transcends into light. It is here where you are able to use your experiences as well as the experiences of others for insight and understanding that will produce powerful solutions, inspiring and motivating people to take action.

Star-seeds experience varying degrees of forgetfulness within this density. All have forgotten their most important work here is to make and create DeLight wherever they go.

However, most don’t feel at home within this world, or at times, within their families and they often yearn for a more loving place. They were brought here with the yearning of their home in order that they could learn to co-create and elevate earth upwards to their place of effortless being by learning how to catalyze transformation through the expanding experiences of DeLight.

These light beacons of humanity have the starring roles during the birthing cycle of the Golden Age of Humanity that is taking place over the next 15 years. The earth is the stage and your greatest contribution can only be made here because the greatest density yields the greatest possible growth and results in the impossible made real. And that is why you are here. To grow and expand, and to make the impossible a reality, because it delights you endlessly to do so!

So, let go, let it all flow and delight in the glorious space of now!

“Fill Yourself Up with DeLight” ~ ISIS

Author's Bio: 

Isis is an author, mystic, teacher, giver of Divine Light Awakenings and the founder of the Sacred Living Center, an online retreat community for higher living. Her work represents the very edge of transformational mysticism, going where no other sage, teacher or messenger has gone before. Isis specializes in spontaneous personal transformation, rapid enlightenment, hidden ascension techniques, sacred, effortless living, and the keeper of akashic wisdom.