Warts are skin blemishes that are caused by a special type of virus, named papillomavirus, or HPV, and you need to know how to remove a wart in order to look good again. Due to this virus, the cells will divide faster than usual, leading to the appearance of the warts. Also, warts are different from moles because they are not cancerous, and most times they disappear on their own.

Still, sometimes they can be embarrassing, and have an unpleasant aspect, thus you may want to remove them. Most times, warts are situated on the hands, and fingers, being extremely visible, not to mention that they spread extremely fast too. Yet, if you follow an efficient treatment, you will get rid of them sooner than you expect. Unfortunately, warts tend to appear over and over again, thus you must be ready to confront with this issue regularly. The warts can be divided into several groups, and by far the most numerous ones are the common warts that appear mainly on the hands.

Also, you may need to deal with the digitate, or filiform warts, that form on the eye lids of a person, or even on the lips, being very annoying, and with the unpleasant flat warts that are formed on the face, and that appear in great numbers. Likewise, a prevalent wart is the mosaic one, which is generally located on the fingers, and hands, or the periungual, and genital warts that have been causing problems to thousands of people so far, but the most appalling one remains the plantar wart, which is formed of numerous tiny, black, fragments that will spread on the entire body. Luckily, you can eliminate your unpleasant warts through diverse efficient methods. It is mandatory to opt to a treatment only after you have analyzed your wart carefully, and you have determined its main characteristics.

Many people opt for the counter medication, as it is an efficient way to remove warts in a painless manner, and it does not cause any injuries either. The main substance involved in counter medication is the salicylic acid, a paste, which anyone can buy from the pharmacy. Also, you could try using a Freon refrigerant, which will freeze your warts, determining them to disappear. Also, a very popular method, which you can try at home, is therapy with duct tape. If you want to follow this treatment, you will need to place a piece of duct tape on the top of your wart, and remove it only after a week.

Then, you will need to soak the wart in water, and by using an emery board, you will need to start scratching strongly the area. You may feel a little pain, but you will immediately notice that the wart has disappeared. Or, you could try using other homemade treatments, such as onions, castor oil, or fig juice, as they are all said to be highly efficient. And, in spite of the fact that when using these methods you will need to wait longer before you see any results, your skin will look flawless afterwards.

Similarly, you may want to visit your doctor too, and find out what alternatives for removing your warts he can offer. He will probably introduce you to cryotherapy, and will talk to you about the possibility of a surgery, or of laser treatment.

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