Colon cleansing is one of those things. Unless you’ve experienced it, you’ll never know how good it can make you feel!

You may be surprised to learn just what colon cleansing can do for you. You may have heard of it before and decided not to pay attention because it just sounds like heavy advertising gimmicks. True, there’s a lot of bad hype mixed with the good and sometimes it’s hard to discern between the two. That’s why I want to share with you some facts about colon health, the effects of scientifically-based colon cleansers could have and how they may help you enjoy better overall health!

Scientifically-Based Ingredients Used in Colon Cleansers

First of all you should be familiar with a few of the major ingredients you will encounter in an herbal colon cleanser. There’s senna leaves. Senna is an herb which gently works your bowels to help remove accumulated waste from your system. Other ingredients you may read on colon cleanse labels: Chamomile flower, fennel seed, rose hip, peppermint, aloe vera, buckthorn bark, milk thistle, uva ursi, ginger root—many of these ingredients have digestive and carminative properties, or help to detoxify the system. You can look these ingredients up on the Internet where you will find that many have been well researched and have no known side-effects. Then there are semi-soluble fibers such as psyllium husk, oat brans, pectins, alginates and slippery elm bark containing mucilage. Of these fibers, psyllium husk is an FDA-approved ingredient because of its proven effects on health and its safety.

Good Colon Health Reflects in Better Overall Health!

If waste is not regularly or sufficiently eliminated from the system, it can negatively affect your overall health.. You might notice this as foul smelling breath and / or body odor. An unhealthy colon may be evident in other parts of your body. This could present as dull, lifeless skin prone to pimples and acne.

Good colon health can help support the optimal performance of the digestive system. Good digestion can also help organs, joints and tissues of the body receiving adequate nutrition to perform their tasks.

Bowel irregularity can be an underlying reason for sleeplessness, nervousness, irritability, headaches, a constant feeling of fatigue. Relieving the body of constipation by using an herbal colon cleanse can have a reverse impact—better sleep, better disposition, more energy

Colon Cleansing can be Helpful because …

Since the entire body depends on the colon (liver functions, digestion, immunity) a healthy colon may very well affect your overall health in a positive way.

Those who have experienced the effects of colon cleansing say they feel as if a great burden has been lifted from them. They’ve reported losing inches from their stomach which could have been the result of gas and bloating because of improper digestion. Many notice that their skin develops a healthier tone as waste is regularly eliminated from the body! You may notice more restful sleeping patterns and stronger immunity.

Science-based Herbal Colon Cleanser
BeneCleanse is a three step process colon cleanse program. The initial stage will help cleanse the colon. After the colon has been cleansed, the scientifically-based BeneCleanse program offers you nutritional support for maintaining colon health with a fiber maintenance multivitamin. This will provide nutrients that help maintain regularity, and it will tone the digestive system. All of these ingredients combined with vitamins and minerals provide support for overall health!

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NaturalDetox is a manufacturer of colon health supplements that are carefully formulated by a physician. This herbal colon cleanser provides a 3-step approach for colon cleansing, promoting and nutritionally maintaining a healthy colon.