The absuse of drugs is a problem that goes beyond the personal sphere and reaches out to the rest of the society. The use of a substance that is not initially prescribed for medical purposes is the start. Others find it really excruciating to survive a day without a specific prohibited medication, and end up searching for that specific drug. Knowledge about the existing addiction is not always realized for those who are addicted to drugs. The people around the user are those who can easily tell by the signs and symptoms manifested during which a certain person is a slave to restricted and illegal drugs.

Manifestations that result from dependency vary with the kind of substance taken. Being observant about a friend or family member suspected of bearing drug dependency issues is fundamental because it is only upon observation that one can actually tell whether or not the affected person indeed needs help. Both physical and behavioral aspects are influenced when craving is eminent.

Sudden changes from the usual like remarkable weight loss due to constantly low appetite is a matter to be attended to. Eyes turning red are also a sign of sensitivity to light usually resulting from either lack of sleep or too much of it. Dramatic surges of blood pressure and pulse rate are also implicative of evident bodily alterations that might point to addiction. There is tendency of impairment of coordination and other motor functions in worse situations.

The more visible and solid symptoms linked with reliance are behavior changes. Unreasonable bouts of paranoia, depression, euphoria, irritability, restlessness, panic and confusion arise sporadically during the term of drug use or in attempts of abstaining from it. Because of the fact that substance composition actually plays with the mind, hallucinations are also noticeable.

Be watchful of possible drug addictive actions especially by people close to our hearts. Seeking medical advice is always necessary in order to obtain a confirmatory laboratory test regarding the problem. Conversations regarding rehab options must be made with the guidance of a physician because facilities are after all readily available for individuals who seem to be suffering from drug obsession. Long-term recovery is necessary for the success of treatment methods and full cooperation as well is asked from all family members. An individual who submits himself to a rehab program will most likely regain his real self once more and be able to have effective coping mechanisms to face the world.

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