Caffeine is a chemical or product that is mostly found in the beans of coffee and tea. It is a drug that is used massively in the whole world. Most people intake caffeine in the form of tea or coffee. Apart from coffee or tea there is a vast number of people who cannot resist chocolate. Chocolate is another major source from which people take their daily dosage of caffeine. Almost everyone in the world consumes caffeine in one or another form. Now the question arises that what caffeine does with the human body? Actually caffeine acts as a stimulant for the CNS (Central Nervous System). It gives signals to the brain to stay active and to be attentive. You would have noticed many people around who can’t work properly the whole day or would complain to have a bad headache just because they missed their morning tea or coffee. It happens because their mind is used to the stimulant that caffeine gives to the brain of a certain person who consume it. And when that stimulant is missing the mind carves for it.
Many of us would think that why caffeine is considered as a drug? The answer is that it works in an opposite way like heroin does. Heroin slows the heart rate while consuming caffeine can increase the heart rate resulting in a more active response. As soon as the brain senses caffeine in the body it releases adrenaline that makes the person active and more concentrated attention on a certain work. Many people use it to overcome the headache. The benefits of caffeine are numerous it can burn fat and can be used during dieting, its consumption lowers the risks of having diabetes. It is also good for the liver. But the excess of everything is bad. According to researches it has been found that if a person uses almost 220mg of caffeine on daily basis he/she can become an addict. When the workload increases people use it to stay attentive and stay active so they can’t sleep. Caffeine addicts find difficulty in sleeping and they remain awake late in the night. Not been able to get proper sleep effects one’s health. Sleeping pills are a source of getting proper sleep but people should realize that they must quit caffeine if they are unable to sleep before going after sleeping pills. Some people use sleeping pills and don’t control their caffeine intake and as a result they start using more and more sleeping pills which can be more dangerous than using caffeine. Overdose of sleeping pills can cause death in severe cases. There are many types of sleeping pills in the market and the best one is ambien. The use of caffeine and ambien at a time is not recommended at all as they both cancel the effect of each other. As we can see that there are many ways in which caffeine can benefit us we can use it but too much use should be avoided.

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