Are you curious about how to effectively use your LinkedIn profile to market yourself more effectively online? By the end of this article you'll have 3 simple LinkedIn marketing strategies you can begin using immediately!

LinkedIn Marketing Tip 1 - Include a Signature In Your Communications

Letting people know what you're up to without coming across as overly "pitchy" can sometimes be a challenge, but if you're genuinely adding value in the content of your message to people (including thanking new followers) it is perfectly acceptable to include a signature with a link back your website and an invitation to learn more about you.

LinkedIn Marketing Tip 2 - Ask & Answer Questions Relevant to Your Prospects

In the "questions" area of LinkedIn you can ask and answer questions in areas that are important to you. If your focus is marketing, you should ask and answer questions that are specifically relevant to your potential customers.

Be sure to follow tip 1 above when posting these questions and include links to your site and any free offers you have that will help develop your rapport.

LinkedIn Marketing Tip 3 - Join Groups Relevant to Your Clients

In the "groups" area, find groups where your customers and potential customers are gathering and join in the discussion that is going on there. Do not blatantly promote your products!

Instead, offer advice on an area where you have some experience, relate a conversation to an article you read (or wrote) and provide a link to the full story. In general, be of service in the groups and improve your relationship with your prospective clients.

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From Paul Keetch - Co-Author of Make My Marketing Work

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