Are you worried that your business is going to suffer because of the current economy? In this article you'll learn how to find customers in any economy by following a few simple steps...

It's true - In a slumping economy consumers are spending less. But that doesn't mean they've stopped spending! Your job as an entrepreneur or marketer is to position your product or service as a priority in the mind of your prospective customer.

Here are some tips to help you do just that:

Tip 1 - Speak in their language

When you speak about the pain you solve, the "perfect picture" of the future your prospect envisions and how your product or service is uniquely positioned to help them faster, better or cheaper, pay careful attention to the words you use.

Try to use words that you know your customers use and they will respond much more favorably to your marketing message.

"Lose weight quickly" says one thing. "Trim belly fat forever!" says another thing entirely.

If your customers have a specific set of complaints, use their words to show you understand their pain and their desires and they'll respond in your favor.

Rule 2 - Go where they are already hanging out

There is no sense trying to market to people in places where they are not already looking for a solution. You wouldn't advertise your dog product in "Cat Fancy" magazine, so why advertise "anywhere" unless you know your prospect is already there?

Newspapers, radio and television seem to have mass appeal, but how much of the viewing audience is really in your target market?

Niche magazines, websites and specialty television channels might be a better bet since a higher percentage of the audience is there specifically for information related to what you are selling.

(Not sure where they're hanging out? Ask them using an online, telephone or mail survey.)

Rule 3 - Create a "recession" package

Instead of trying to discount your existing products or service, thereby devaluing them (and you) why not put together a lower priced package that includes only the essential items your prospect would need in order to get started with you?

That way, you can eventually upsell them to the complete package at a later time and still win a new customer, even during tough economic times.

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