Installing smoke alarms have become necessary to maintain safety in buildings. It helps in detecting fire and saves thousands of lives from being burned. Also, smoke alarm acts as a guard around the clock, and after sensing smoke, it makes a shrill sound-making everyone aware of the mishap. So, for the people who have installed smoke alarm or are planning to do so must opt for proper maintenance of the smoke alarms. 

Given below are the effective ways to maintain smoke alarm after its installation:

  • Examine Your Alarm At Least Once Every Week

After smoke alarm installation in Ipswich, you need to test the smoke detectors minimum once in every week by pressing the test buttons of the system. However, for taking an extra measure, you can opt for testing the alarm with real smoke, by lighting up a candle and allowing a trail smoke to the drift inside the unit and trigger its alarm. 

  • Replace the Batteries Every Year

Mark an annual date in your calendar for replacing the battery before it starts making a high-pitched chirp that will completely annoy you. Make sure to choose a date for the battery replacement that is easy to remember and has a personal significance. 

  • Vacuum the Airborne Dust

The presence of airborne dust and contaminants can hamper the capability of smoke alarm to detect smoke. Hence, you must ensure to do proper vacuuming of any accumulated dust from the detector on a gap of six months with the help of vacuum extender tube. Also, if possible vacuum out the smoke alarms’ interior compartments. 

  • Replace the Smoke Alarm After Every 10 Years

Even after cleaning the smoke detectors regularly and changing the batteries on time, smoke alarms do not last for long. If a smoke alarm becomes outdated, then it can fail. Thus, for staying on the safe side, you must replace your smoke alarm system every ten years. If you have you are staying in a rented home for less than ten years, and it has a smoke alarm installed from before, then do not take any chances with your safety and opt for replacing them with new ones immediately. 

  • Repair Your Smoke Alarm Before Disabling Them

If a smoke alarm is setting off too often even if there is no trace of smoke in the air, then do not disable it immediately. Before thinking of disabling the malfunctioning alarm, you must determine the exact reason behind the false alarm. It has often been found that this kind of malfunctioning happen within smoke alarms that are located too close to the kitchen and bathroom, from where steam and cooking fumes can cause the setting off of the alarm even when there is no sign of danger. In such a case, you need to relocate the smoking alarm to resolve this issue. However, if even after relocating the alarm the problem remains, then you might have a faulty alarm, which needs to opt for another smoke alarm installation in Brisbane

Final Words!

Thus, these are effective ways to maintain smoke alarms after installing it. Also, it is recommended for you to install smoke alarms from a professional emergency electrician service provider for the proper installation of a smoke alarm.

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The author has been providing smoke alarm installation in Brisbane, Ipswich with the help of its highly skilled and experienced electricians for many years. Also, the author is renowned in providing RCD testing, home automation, emergency light testing, CCTV installation, security access control and other electrical services.