The lower back is flexible such that it is prone to most of the injuries and difficulties in movement. Numerous nerves go through the spine to the rest of the body. These can result to pain at the lower part of the back. The lower pain may further lead to hip problem, leg pain and much more development of conditions. If you have any of the above effects due to back pain, it is time to see your personal back injury doctor.
Once you visit your chiropractor, inquire the reasons why your lower back is susceptible to injuries in order to understand your back and practice safety measures that protect it from the many injuries. You should as well be able to understand the original cause of your back pain and work towards preventing further damage concerning your lower back and to give room for your spine to heal and align itself. Due to lifting heavy equipment or making fast turns, the lower back experiences stress while stretching or supporting the heavy weight. This can generate an injury and when done repetitively, it causes damage to the lower back. As ligaments and muscles, stretch, microscopic tears may occur and these tears lead not soft tissue problems. Once the muscles are injured and damaged, further twisting and bending of the spine causes lower back pain that becomes chronic.
Luckily, Chiropractic Office Inverness Florida professionals and back injury doctors have come up with means by which people can protect their lower backs from being exposed to injuries and other ways in which we can protect our lower spines and back muscles from any injury.
Stated below are useful guidelines that will help overcome and prevent the lower back from pain.
• Strengthen your core muscles that will support the lower back. This will avoid too much strain on the lumbar area. Once the load is shared between the core and the lower back, injuries are prevented.
• Practice good posture and make use of ergonomic furniture. Bad posture causes unwanted pressure on your back that leads to pain due to degenerated discs. A good posture eradicates unwanted pressure on your back and causes proper alignment of the spine.
• Practice proper lifting of heavy objects. Ensure that the weight of the object is adjacent to your body rather than it being far away, as the body will support the weight better than when it is far away.
How Can Chiropractors Help?
Ensure that you see a chiropractor if you are experiencing back pains that have persisted for some few days. Once you have explained to your chiropractor your condition, he will treat you accordingly. It has been studied that quite a number of people is treated and are able to go back to their daily undertakings compared to those who wait to be healed without accessing treatment.
Stated below are three techniques used for treatment by chiropractors that help to become free from back pain.
1. Soft Tissue Therapy
This technique is used to relax and to treat muscles that are constricted and painful. This technique is further grouped into two, manual release therapy and instrument- assisted therapy (uses tools to apply pressure gently and to sweep over the area). Manual release therapy can be applied through two means, stretching muscle while applying pressure and applying direct pressure on the area of muscle experiencing pain.
2. Manual Therapy
This technique is used by a chiropractor to induce motion within a stiff joint. It is done by employing joint mobilization that the affected area is stretched slowly and gently or manipulation where the affected area is stretched quickly but gently.
3. Exercise Therapy/Self-management
The Herniated Disc Treatment chiropractor will assist you by giving you a program that you can follow like doing some simple exercises that will help relief the pain and to stop it from occurring again. The chiropractor will also provide you with safety practices while lifting and good posture that will protect you from being a victim of back pain injuries.

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