Capturing the best moments in any commercial event can be a challenging task. It requires the utmost skill and competency of the photographer. In nature photography, a photographer deals with scenic beauty which is still and calm. But in event photography, they have to capture people who have core human emotions, reflection and body movement, powerful expressions etc., in their candid moments.  Moreover, understanding the exact right time to click a picture is urgent, so that it stands out and ‘tells a story’.

If you are ready to brush up your event photography skills, then here are few relevant, poignant event photography ideas only for you!

  • Capture the subtle expressions

Prep your camera lens to get some best shots during an event. A real, candid expression of people in an event catches the limelight more than anything else. However, you have to be prepared with your camera to capture those rare, real emotions.

  • Prepare a shot in advance and wait for people’s smile and reaction

In an event photography filming process, you look out for the maximum number of smiling faces to fill the frame.  Be it commercial event photography or a family get together, when they will go through those photographs later, they will only look for those smiling faces, and cherish those moments.

  • Blur the background to make it more prominent

Want to make a photograph stand out? Nail your event photography assignment, with this easy hack. Though the artistry of capturing such images can be a bit complex, once you practice it regularly, it becomes easy and fun.

  • Click the shots according to the event’s requirements

An event can be of various types. It can be a wedding event or a corporate event. The key to successful event photography in Melbourne is to know the tone of the event. If you are filming or clicking for a corporate event, better you concentrate on the purpose on which the event is happening.

  • Sometimes ask them to pose for the Camera

In wedding event photography, you must ask the invites to pose for the camera along with the bride and groom. Make sure they pose for the camera at the right angle and exact direction in a mesmerising background.

  • Install a Photobooth

Installing a photo booth is like 'cherry on the cake' for any professional event photographer. It becomes convenient for the photographer to click some extraordinary snaps as a group of people come under a place with props and colourful themed background. Get in touch with a company offering cheap photobooth hire in Melbourne and rent a photobooth as per the theme of the event.

  • Enhance Camera’s ISO

Apart from these tips, there are some technical camera settings that you have to maintain to achieve excellence during event photography. Enhancing your ISO will give you some bright, colourful pictures, otherwise, the shots become black with a blurry background.


If you are a ‘want to be’ event photographer, or already have some experience in the field, these tips are going to help you through your lifetime event photography journey.

To know more about events photography skill follow some reputed websites, take frequent workshops to get better every day in this particular skill.

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The author is a reputable photographer based in Melbourne. He also regularly posts articles about the latest photography trends and techniques.