Today, breast augmentation procedure and breast lift surgery are the two well-known surgeries opted for raising and reshaping women's breasts. Assuring younger looking shape and appearance, these surgeries create firmer and perkier breasts. Technically termed mastopexy, breast lift surgery is an effective surgery opted by middle-aged women. This surgery is done either due to massive weight loss or weight gain to tone sagging breast having excessive skin. The breast lift surgery does not involve the use of any implants, but is carried out by making several incisions to remove excessive skin. These incisions are done around & above the aureola and along the fold of the breasts, thus providing a natural look.

Repositioning the aureola and nipple higher on the chest, this surgery assures an enhanced breast contour and deeper cleavage. Through this procedure, the nipple is attached to the underlying tissue more closely, which pulls the skin tight. Closely suturing the excess skin, the breast lift surgery preserves nipple sensitivity, without damaging other connected tissues. After the surgery, women should not indulge in strenuous physical exercises for about a month. Women who have undergone this surgery can feel mild bruising, swelling, and tenderness around the breasts.

Breast augmentation procedure is an effective way of enhancing the shape and size of the breasts of women. This procedure involves the use of implants or prosthesis, which are inserted in the breast area to expand or increase the cup size, thereby assuring natural breast contour and cleavage. Numerous silicone, saline and polyurethane solution implants are commonly used in this procedure. Smooth, textured, round and anatomical breast implants are some of the few implants also available in the market. The breast Augmentation procedure makes it easy for women to possess the perfect figure, and look beautiful.

Before undergoing any procedure related to breast augmentation, it is essential for women, who wish to alter their breast contour, to consult an expert surgeon. The most vital aspect of breast augmentation procedure relates to the placement of the incision, which is marked for the insertion of the implants. Considering the requirement of the patient, the surgeon can make the incision either at the breast fold, aureola or within the aureola. They can also mark the incision in the axillary or umbilical area, as per the patient's requirements. After the surgery, women might complain of capsular contracture , which is the contraction of the capsule surrounding the implant, and causes infection, discomfort or nausea. These are some of the common risks associated with this type of surgery. To avoid the adverse effects arising due to indulgence in strenuous and severe exercises after the surgery, women must maintain an responsive rapport with their respective surgeons.

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