Nowadays, a lot of retailers are keen on promoting their business via Facebook. However, increasing Facebook shopping cart abandonment rates has left them wondering and dropped expected profit rates. If reports are to be believed over 60% online retailers are suffering losses due to soaring shopping cart abandonment rates. Some smart strategies are required to overcome this problem.
High shipping cost is listed as one of the main reasons for abandonment of shopping carts. Free shipping can attract a lot of users and help convert sales. But if you think you cannot afford free shipping, then offer a discount on a fixed amount of shopping or mention your shipping rates at the home page itself, preferably next to the shopping cart. This will help buyers to make up their mind and lure them to shop from your website.
It is also essential that the users know about available payment options the moment they land on your website. Offering various payment options will definitely help to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates. Most of the buyers shop through credit cards, so it is wise to include various banks’ credit cards as payment option.
Many customers are in search of discounts while shopping online. In such a scenario, you can offer some deals and coupons, which they can encash when they shop from your online store. This would increase your sales and make your customers happy.
Email remarketing is another effective tool to know customer’s feedback about your website. Sending promotional emails regarding products and offers can help you stay connected with your customers. In cases where customers are unsubscribing you from their mail list, you can ask them the reason for quitting.
Few essentials tips to help reduce shopping cart abandonment rates:
• Free shipping
• Discount coupons
• More payment options
• Email remarketing

Remember, drop in sales due to abandonment of shopping carts is not the end of story. It’s just a hurdle and if you follow these simple but effective strategies, you can take your business a long way. Not only will you witness an increase in sales, but also a tremendous drop in facebook shopping cart abandonment rates, which in turn means increase in sales and profit.

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