The shag carpet is a very good value for money. It is beautiful, resistant and inexpensive. But when it is necessary to clean it, the long hairs can pose a problem, it is necessary to be careful not to tear them, the cleaning should not be too abrupt and this carpet does not appreciate the water.

The vacuum cleaner

It must be done regularly, taking care to aspire only one way. Do not use an electric brush, but a turbo brush is perfect. You can read our reviews for best vacuum for shag carpet buying guide.

If you have time, you can vacuum the carpet a little deeper by removing the brush. Only the pipe is used. A treatment to refresh can be done before, we talk about it in the following tips.

The small hand vacuum is very handy for occasional small cleanings.

The steam cleaner

The carpet appreciates this cleaning. The hairs return to their original color and volume. It is necessary to pass the steam cleaner in all the directions of the hair.

So we start from the 4 cardinal points, one after the other, so we spend 4 times on all the hairs of the carpet. In addition to making the new look shag, the steam cleaner kills mites, bacteria, and germs.

Everyone does not agree on using a steam cleaner on a shag carpet, of course, this cleaning is not to be done every week. And if you have to clean each side of the hair, you have to do it quickly.

This is the best way to clean it up and give it a makeover. It can also be passed on to the back of the carpet.

It could be called a magic powder, so it is useful for housework. It is ideal for absorbing fat, reviving carpet hair by removing stains. Just sprinkle the ground on the entire carpet to revive or on the stain of fat to eliminate. Leave on for a good hour then vacuum.

You can also turn the carpet in the grass or on the terrace, outside, and tap it before sucking it. When you do not have a cyclonic vacuum, the suction can quickly lose its intensity because of the filter that saturates, it is better than remove the excess powder before vacuuming.

Tap the carpet

Straddling the clothesline, the back of the rug is beaten with a special racket or tennis racket. According to its dusty state, it is better to hide the nose with a mask.

Leave the carpet in the air for a good hour. We can renew the operation. If there is the sun, the cleaning will be doubly beneficial, indeed UV rays clean the carpet to the root of the hair.

The snow

As with all carpets, the shag likes snow, but he does not like being wet. So you have to put it on your back and leave it just for a bath of fresh snow and sun.

Leave the inside of the hair side to dry without stepping on it. The combination of snow and sun = brighteners. Chemical-free sanitation is fantastic, hot and cold kills as many mites and bacteria as possible.

Waterproof the carpet

To prevent stains, you can waterproof the carpet with suede or nubuck products, as soon as it is purchased or after a good cleaning once it is dry. By intervening immediately on the incident, the carpet will not have time to pump what has fallen, even if it is ketchup. It is a good ally.

Regular cleaning can remove this protective film, so it is necessary to renew it at least twice a year.

The special laundry wool

If the shag carpet is really dirty all over the surface, you have to wash it. But no matter how, because as we know, this carpet does not like water.

We will, therefore, use a laundry for fragile tissues and which does not necessarily need a thorough rinse, for example, laundry for the wool specially designed for baby clothes.

You have to make foam, you can use a drummer or a hand whip to make it very compact. Foam is used with a spatula or rubber glove and it is incorporated into the mat, the acidity of the skin could cause it to fall.

Once all the carpet is filled with foam, let it act. It is expected to decrease significantly before using a broom with a sponge to clean the windows but without the squeegee.

Rub gently in one direction and the other before absorbing the maximum amount of moisture using sponge towels or highly absorbent rags, while walking on it.

Then dry quickly with a hairdryer on cold air or the vacuum on the blower mode. At the back, at the level of the filter, there is normally a hole in which the pipe fits.

If the vacuum cleaner does not have a blower socket, an indoor clothes rack can be installed on the carpet, covered with a flat sheet or duvet cover, and a hairdryer directed to the floor. We obtain a mobile tumble dryer, which we will move as and when parts to dry.

The mild shampoo for baby

Always in the range, it's soft for baby, so it's ideal for my shag carpet, the shampoo Klorane soft and detangling is a very good product. It combines softness, respect for the fiber and leaves a very pleasant fragrance that lasts a long time.

This is not the cheapest shampoo, it can only be bought in pharmacy and drugstore. When we know that this shampoo is based on calendula, we understand why the carpet fibers resume softness and swelling.

For use, we wipe a sponge and poured directly on a little shampoo, immediately it sinks to the root of the pile carpet and we go back to the tip. We try to make "Ray by line" as with a hair.

After each parcel of washing, we must wipe quickly with a rag or a very absorbent towel, also from the root to the tip of the fibers. No rinsing is done. It is a long and tedious job but it gives a very good result.

Perrier is crazy what it is useful

A spilled glass, a cat regurgitation, a fallen cream cake, no panic, Perrier is there. We talk about this brand because of the strength of its bubbles, but any other similar waterworks.

Immediately pour ¼ cup of very sparkling water mustard directly onto the stain and instantly return a large glass to it, pressing firmly. The bubbles will bring up the stain on the surface of the carpet, it will only be eliminated with a paper towel or cloth.

It's a story of CO2 and airlessness. In replacement of the sparkling water, one can use an effervescent in ¼ glass of water and carry out the same manipulation.

Some recommendations

It is best not to use commercial foams to clean a shag rug. The products are too strong and could damage the fibers making them dry and rough.

Do not wash with water, put in the machine, do not spin, do not tumble dry in a drum.

Do not use talc or flour, prefer soil.

Do not walk on it while the carpet is wet.

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A shag is a rug or carpet that has a deep pile, giving it a shaggy appearance. The name derives from Old English sceacga, related to Old Norse skegg, beard.