No business that enters the world of online presence can progress with a rapid speed without proper search engine optimization of its business website. All the companies providing Seo services Karachi know the importance of seo of a website for the success of a business. Most of the businesses regardless of their size pay a lot of money for the search engine optimization of their business websites. The wisest thing for the businesses of today to do is to make sure that their business websites are perfectly search engine optimized so that they could attract more and more people towards the website.

According to the experts the SEO of a website can be divided in two main parts:-

• Content
• Page Authority
Content or “on page SEO” of a business website depends upon the following parts that include:-
• Page content
• URL’s
• Page Titles
• Metadata
• Keywords

Page Authority:

Page authority is the ‘Off page SEO’ which includes a number of elements that include the following:-

• Good websites that link to your website
• Interaction, page sharing and popularity on social
media websites

Improving the content for proper SEO:

The SEO of your business website is possible when you take special care of all the parts of the on page search engine optimization of your website.


Keywords and their proper placement works magic when it comes to SEO of a website. Before going into details the companies providing the best SEO services in Karachi should make a proper strategy for the use of keywords in such a way that they have a direct impact on the visitors of your website. You should use all the keywords related to your business that are frequently searched by the internet users.

Arrangement of page titles, content, metadata and URL’s
The professionals providing Seo services Karachi are experts in placing all the important parts of the seo at the right place. All the things including the URL’s, metadata and content is developed around the best and most frequently used keywords. The experts know that it is always good to use the keywords in meta-descriptions as well as the headings and the URL’s.


Meta description is a very important part of a web page result that appears under the name of a website as an introduction of your website and its content. Many times the meta-descriptions are not written properly and do not attract the readers, so the seo company that you hire should make sure that the 160 character meta-description is written in an attractive manner.

Try To Improve Page Authority:

There are some steps taking which can help you improve page authority. The first thing that you should try to do is to increase the number of websites that are willing to link with your website. The more websites are willing to connect with your website the more trust you are gaining.

Plan social media presence:

The professional SEO service providers know the importance of social media in promotion of a business, so they make a plan according to which the business is presented on social media.

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