If you are struggling to find the perfect leg workouts for your leg day, fret no more! Even though you might want to get started with leg workouts for making your legs stronger and more defined, there are a bunch of benefits that come with doing leg exercises. It boosts the metabolism as leg muscles are the most massive muscle of the body and need more energy in the form of calories consumed. Also, it helps to increase testosterone, which helps in muscle growth and strength. It also inadvertently improves the upper body strength. All said and done, let us go through some leg exercises which make your leg day worth it.

Leg workouts to make the most of your leg day!

Leg Press

leg press

Sit in the leg press machine and set your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your chest and back pressed into the pad and unclasp the sled. Slowly bend your knees so that the platform lowers and again straighten your knees to push the weight up.


step-up exercise for leg day

Hold a dumbbell in both of your hands and step forward onto a bench or platform. Follow with your other leg to stand on the platform and step back with the former leg to return to the floor so that you are in the previous position.

Walking Lunge

walking lunge with dumbbells

Hold a dumbbell in both hands while you step forward with one foot. Bend both knees to lower yourself to a lunge. Bring your rear leg ahead until you return to a standing posture. Repeat with the other leg and alternate the lunges while walking.

Bulgarian Split Squat


Take a dumbbell in each hand while you step forward with one foot while resting your other foot on a bench or a platform or bench. After that, bend your forward knee to lower yourself to a 90-degree angle. Following that straighten yourself back to the standing position. At last alternate and repeat with the other leg.

Front Squat

man doing front squat

In a power rack, firstly set the pegs just at the chest level. Cross your arms to form a shelf and retain your chest up while keeping your lower back and abs tight. Bend your knees and hips to form of position like you are sitting in a chair, with your thighs are at least parallel to the floor, and then reverse your stance to go back to the standing position.

Pistol Squat

pistol squat

Start with the standing position and slowly extend one leg forward while you keep your balance on your other foot. Now, squat all the way down till your extended thigh is parallel to the floor. Return back to the standing position and switch legs.

There is nothing that satisfies a fitness junkie more than a successful leg day. However, there are various other exercises available for you through multiple mediums. Ensure that you don't push yourself too hard and consult with a trainer in case you are facing any confusion. Leg muscles are the most massive muscles of the body, and it is important not to push your body to the point of burn out. Again, have a good leg day!

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